What is MCL Mobile Legends 2022: How to Get Tickets & Benefits

What is MCL Mobile Legends – Mobile Legends is an online game that can be played on Android devices, iPhones and computers. Mobile Legends is the best game today and is the most played MOBA type game.

As ML lovers already know, Moonton has presented various features in Mobile Legends. One of the most popular features is MCL. Of course, with the popularity of MCL, many novice players wonder what MCL Mobile Legends is and how to play it?

For players who already know what MCL is, of course, they have a very high desire to always win MCL Mobile Legends matches every week. Besides being able to get various attractive prizes containing items, besides that, you can also win hundreds of millions of money if you consistently win MCL every week.

For beginners or old Mobile Legends players but don’t know what MCL Mobile Legends is and want to know what MCL is and the benefits players can get. On this occasion, Ulingame will provide a complete explanation of What is MCL ML.

What is MCL ML

What is MCL

MLBB Championship League or better known as MCL is a competitive tournament which is held online. Where Mobile Legends players can take part in the MCL tournament every Friday 09.00 PM. Moonton as an ML developer has presented a competitive mode, namely MCL.

For players who manage to win 3 MCL league matches every week, those players will get attractive prizes or rewards from Moonton such as Stickers, Daily Exclusive Skins, borders, recalls and many more. With what kind of match is MCL, of course you can hone your skills when playing ML to be even better and also train mentally when you want to take part in offline competitions.

If players consistently win every week, then you get the opportunity to win a cash prize of IDR 135 million at the end of the year. However, to consistently win the MCL is quite easy because many other players or pro players have participated in the MCL competition.

How to Get MCL Tickets

How to Get MCL Tickets

After you know the explanation of what MCL Mobile Legends is and the benefits that can be obtained. The next step is how to get MCL tickets.
Before players know how to take part in MCL Mobile Legends, it would be nice to know in advance how to get tickets. Please see the review below to find out how to get tickets.

  1. Participate in the event to get a free MCL Entrance Ticket.
  2. Earn Tickets through Suqad rewards.
  3. Get Tickets via friend posts.
  4. Buy tickets using Diamonds in the Shop.

How to Follow MCL Mobile Legends

How to Follow Mcl What is MCL Mobile Legends

After you get an MCL ticket, then you can play MCL mode. For players who don’t know how to follow MCL ML, please read the description below.

  1. The first step is to log in to your Mobile Legends account at 9 pm.
  2. Make sure first if you already have MCL Mobile Legends Tickets. If you don’t have one, you can make a purchase through the Shop.
  3. Please select the MCL event at the bottom, next to the Backpack.
  4. Enter the room, then invite the friends you want to invite. Also make sure the friend you are going to invite already has an MCL ticket. If not, then you cannot enter the MCL room.
  5. If friends have been collected, please press Ready and wait for the match chart to appear.
  6. Done, the next step you have to really play so you can win 3 MCL matches in order to get the MCL champion title.

Benefits of MCL Mobile Legends Champion

Benefits of Following Mcl What is MCL Mobile Legends

There are various benefits you can get when you participate in competitive matches or MCL Mobile Legend tournaments. Plus if you win the MCL high-class tournament. Below, Ulingame has reviewed some of the benefits that players should know so that they can be excited to get a championship title when participating in MCL.

  1. If you win the MCL match, you will get the Championship owner, Starlight Points, Respawn Effect, Battle emot, the display logo will appear on the friends list and random daily skins.
  2. Opportunity to compete against Pro Player or higher level.
  3. Feel the atmosphere when playing Competitive tournaments and test your mentality.
  4. Sharpen playing skills and cooperation with other people and friends.
  5. Gain experience playing in Competitive scenes.
  6. Earn hundreds of millions of cash.

The final word

That’s the discussion from Ulingame about What is MCL Mobile Legends that you can know. Hopefully the above information can help you find out at a glance MCL ML information and the benefits that can be obtained.