What is Shopee Cargo? Here’s the Complete Explanation!

What is Shopee Cargo – For those of you who have often shopped online, especially at Shopee, you must be familiar with one of the package delivery facilities called Shopee Cargo, what is Shopee Cargo? Is shopee cargo delivered to your home? and is Shopee cargo safe or not?. Surely that question starts to pop up in your mind because many people say cargo shipping is risky and unsafe.

Shopee understands that the needs of consumers or customers regarding package delivery are increasing and they need a delivery service that can meet their needs for large, bulky, and heavy goods deliveries. You need to know that if the seller sends a large and heavy package with regular delivery services, it will be very expensive because it is not only calculated from the weight but also the volume.

Therefore, cargo delivery is needed especially for goods with a decent volume and weight and it is not possible to send them through regular services. Shopee also continues to work with shipping services that provide cargo such as SiCepat Kargo or what is called SiCepat Gokil and other shipping services. If you still don’t understand about Shopee cargo and other explanations, we have summarized the following information.

What is Shoppe Cargo and its advantages and disadvantages

what is shopee cargo

Shopee Cargo is one of the delivery service facilities offered for consumers who buy heavy, large, and bulky products or goods. By using cargo services, shipping costs will be more affordable and cheaper than using regular and express services. So indeed this cargo delivery service is intended for buyers who want to order goods with a large capacity.

Usually in Shopee’s cargo delivery operations using SiCepat Gokil or Kargo Kilat and JNE Trucking. After knowing what Shopee cargo is, then we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Shopee cargo as follows:

  • Volume, weight and quantity can be adjusted with relatively cheap shipping costs
  • More affordable shipping costs
  • Can be delivered to your home or address
  • The drawback is usually a long delivery time because the delivery of goods is done collectively
  • There is a slight risk of damage because you are worried that it will be stacked with other items that tend to be large and heavy

Although the advantages and disadvantages are almost the same, you don’t need to worry because you will have a warranty that can be claimed if your product experiences unwanted things during shipping. We recommend that before opening the package, video the package from receiving, opening, and checking so that your warranty can be claimed with complete evidence.

You also don’t need to be afraid that your goods will be piled up because the cargo officer certainly has experience and will not take risks that harm consumers or the delivery party. Trust that your goods will remain safe and arrive at the address with a predetermined estimate

How long does it take for Shopee Cargo Delivery and how to check the receipt

For an estimate or how long it will take Shopee cargo delivery approximately 1-5 working days depending on field conditions and the delivery service used. You need to know that cargo facilities don’t only send your goods but other people’s goods that are in the same direction as you. So it takes extra patience for Shopee cargo shipping, right.

Sometimes Shopee cargo delivery can be faster and can even exceed estimates, you just need to wait and monitor the receipt. Talking about how to check Shopee cargo, we will provide the following steps:

  1. First open your Shopee application and click the profile or account icon in the lower right corner
  2. Click on my order menu and click on the shipped icon and on that menu you can see where your package updates have reached
  3. If it’s not accurate, you can check it on the receipt check site by clicking the link here
  4. Previously, first copy the receipt number listed on the item delivery page in the Shopee application
  5. You can block, long press, or click the copy icon next to the receipt number
  6. Then paste the receipt number on the site that we have provided
  7. Click check receipt and select the delivery service which you can also check on the Shopee package delivery page
  8. Your package delivery details will appear later
  9. Finished

Finally, that’s the information we can convey and summarize what Shopee cargo is complete with other explanations. We hope this article can help you get to know more about Shopee Cargo and if you are currently using a cargo delivery service, we hope it arrives quickly. See you in our next article update!