What is the OnlyFans App? Here’s an Explanation and How to Use It!

There are so many applications that appear in Indonesia, these applications provide a convenience and make us not bored in using Android Smartphones. The applications that have just appeared are usually not registered on the Google Play Store but many are already registered on the Google Play Store, depending on whether the application has received verification from Google or not.

One of the applications that is often downloaded by netizens is video-based applications, we already know a lot of video-based applications such as YouTube, Instagram, Tik tok and others. The application can make us not bored in playing Android comfortably. Video-based applications are not only for viewing, but these applications can allow us to create a video creator that appears in our minds.

What is the Onlyfans App?

what is the onlyfans app?

There have been so many video-based applications that have appeared so we just have to choose what application we want to download on our Smartphone, one of the video-based applications that is currently going viral is the onlyfans application, what exactly is the onlyfans application?. Maybe some netizens don’t know what the Onlyfans application is because it is still relatively new in the virtual world. The Onlyfans application was first created in the UK on March 16, 2019, this application is already worldwide in the European virtual world.

Did you know that to download the Onlyfans application you must be 18 years of age and over to download this application, because it is the privacy policy that guides the application to only be used by people aged 18 years and over. In addition to the privacy policy, the content provided by the Only Fans application is indeed 80% adult content or sexual content, so that small children who see it will be affected by the adult content.

The Onlyfans application is already well known in the UK, even though with content filled with adult content, we also can’t deny it because the place where this application was made is the UK which incidentally is used to seeing things like that, indeed to use this application some verification is needed to determine the age of the user. .

OnlyFans Application Download Link

This one video-based application is being hunted by Indonesian netizens because there are so many interesting videos in it, there are even some viral videos which if distributed will become trending and benefit the spreader. But the Onlyfans application still uses premium applications so we have to pay for the application in dollars.

In this article, we will provide a tutorial on how to easily download Only Fans with the following tutorial:

  1. The first thing is to click the link provided by this article to enter to download onlyfans. The link can be clicked here
  2. Then open the settings to enable downloads from unknown sources.
  3. After that, download the application at the link provided
  4. And install the application so that the application can enter our Android.
  5. And the application is ready to use.

Please note that this application is still in the testing process and is not available on the Google Play Store, so to get this application we have to buy or download the premium application. Because from some of the trial applications the features presented cannot be opened all because we have not purchased the core application.

For premium applications, we don’t need to panic because in this article we will provide a link so that we can download the premium application without having to pay for the application which costs up to 50 dollars. We can download the premium application at the link here. From the link that has been given, we can follow the tutorial above because the installation method is the same and there is no difference.

The application is 25 MB in size and the specifications are still in 2020 so there is no need to update to the latest version, for now Onlyfans has not provided the latest update for the 2022 version and there is no related information from the latest update.

End of Words

Thus the article that we can convey about the Onlyfans application and the download link, hopefully it can provide a clear explanation for netizens who want to download the application. Hopefully this article can be useful, look forward to our next update for interesting articles from our site.