What’s in Tiktok’s Popo Viral Video? Here’s the Complete Explanation!

Viral Popo Tiktok Video – Lately, social media has become one of the digital media that is widely used by all people of various ages for what is usually used to seek entertainment or information about various things that are happening at this time. Social media is often used to popularize or viral something that might be considered funny, unique, and entertaining.

However, sometimes there are also events that should not be shown instead become viral and trending on social media. Likewise, one of the topics that is currently viral and has become a hot topic for netizens on social media, both Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. Since yesterday, netizens have been shocked by a viral Tiktok video that has become trending on various social media platforms such as TikTok and Twitter.

Not a few netizens are curious about the action of Popo tiktok in the video, which until now has received a lot of attention from netizens in the country. The viral Popo keyword is trending on search engines and also on Twitter social media, it is even known that until yesterday the viral Popo video had reached 41.3 thousand tweets on Twitter.

For those of you who are curious about the viral Popo tiktok video which is currently trending on various social media, then you must listen to this edition of the article that will discuss this. Instead of being curious, let’s just look at the full review below regarding Popo Barbie Tiktok which is trending on social media.

What is the Content of the Trending Popo Tiktok Viral Video on Social Media?

tiktok popo viral video

Since yesterday, one of Popo Tiktok’s viral videos has been trending on Twitter and has attracted the attention of netizens who watched it. Most Tiktok users will know that Popo is one of the content creators on Tiktok social media who actively creates video content on social media, especially Tiktok.

Popo tiktok is one of the male content creators who always looks like a woman in every content on social media. His style makes him often referred to as Popo Barbie who often creates funny content that entertains Tiktok users because of his unique and unusual actions.

Recently, one of the Popo Tiktok videos shocked the virtual world and drew the spotlight of Indonesian netizens. Not only viral on Tiktok, it turns out that Popo managed to shock social media Twitter through his viral video. Many don’t know what the contents of Popo Tiktok’s viral video are trending on various social media, thus making them curious and looking for it on the internet and social media.

The viral video managed to shock social media because in the video, Popo Barbie was seen wearing pants with a hole at the bottom. After being traced, it turns out that the video is not on Popo’s original tiktok account and according to information, the video can only be obtained through special links spread on the internet and also on Twitter social media.

It is known, the viral video was taken from a cut when Popo Barbie Tiktok did a live stream some time ago. At that time, the pants that Popo was wearing were torn at the bottom and he happened to be squatting in front of the camera which then made Popo’s private area visible on the camera, and apparently the scene was recorded by a number of people who watched it and then shared it on social media.

Popo Barbie Clarifies Regarding Viral Videos Circulating on Various Social Media

After the video went viral, Popo Barbie gave her clarification regarding the chronology of events that made it viral and trending on Twitter social media. He said that he had been inactive for a month on TikTok after his viral video was spread on various social media.

Popo also explained that he wasn’t the one who uploaded the video to tiktok or Twitter to make it trending like it is now. He admitted that someone told him to do a squatting pose while doing a live stream at that time, and he also didn’t realize at that time that the pants he was wearing had holes showing his sensitive areas.

However, he admitted that it was true that he was in the video, but that he didn’t do that on purpose and didn’t realize that the pants he was wearing had holes at that time.

Thus information about the viral Popo tiktok video whose information we have presented especially for you so that you are no longer curious about the viral video. Don’t miss the latest article updates from our site that will discuss other viral and interesting things.