What’s Up With March 7, 2022 On TikTok? This is What’s Viral

what's wrong with 7 march 2022 on tiktok

Do you know what’s going on with March 7, 2022 on TikTok? It’s been brought up and discussed a lot lately, guys. Unfortunately, TikTok always gives half-hearted information.

Worse yet, only a fifth of the information did not even arrive. So, don’t be surprised if many are curious and even wonder why certain hashtags suddenly go viral and are sought after. As about our discussion this time.

If you are curious about the March 7th which suddenly went viral. So, you are in the right place. Because, this time we will discuss in detail what actually happened on that date.

A Glimpse of What’s With March 7th On TikTok

Previously, you would definitely look at the 2022 calendar, right? Because, usually related to the date in outline is on the calendar. Unfortunately, if you search for a red date, it will only be on the 3rd in March.

So, what about March 7, 2022? In fact, there is no red date loh! And there’s also no warning from the government about any bad news or possible events, right?

However, you will definitely also think about divination. Most people are superstitious and always update about the latest predictions. Especially from the fortune tellers who are said to be very powerful so that their predictions are rarely wrong.

Actually, Mimin doesn’t forbid you to believe in predictions. However, the so-called prophecy is just a prediction. While predictions may or may not happen.

For that, try to find the facts first. Why are there viral hashtags and searches about this March 7th? Actually, not related to predictions or events that will occur (prediction).

People suddenly found out about this date because previously, in recent years there had been a lot of events on March 7th. Some remember these events. Moreover, there are many big events on March 7th.

So, what kind of events actually happened? You must also be curious right? What exactly happened on March 7th?

March 7 Events

Coincidentally and unintentionally, there is a lot of history that records events that go viral and get a lot of attention. Of course, many netizens have matched about March 7th.

Because there’s a lot going on on this date, right? So, what kind of events can you find on a similar date? Here are some lists:

  1. The invention and granting of a patent on the telephone to the inventor, Alexander Graham Bell (1876).
  2. The MPRS revoked the mandate of President Soekarno for the first time (1967).
  3. Organizing the Australian F1 Grand Prix (2004).
  4. Garuda Indonesia Flight 200 skidded and caught fire when landing at Adisucipto Airport, Yogyakarta. At least 22 people died (2007).
  5. 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi, Russia (2014).

So, how about March 7, 2022? Is there an important event about to happen? This possibility is being debated by many on TikTok.

Not to mention, there are tons of conspiracy theories and conspiracies pouring in. However, since there is no special date and it hasn’t happened yet, let’s just hope for the best! Because our thoughts are fully one of the determinants that we will face.

For that, let’s pray that it’s fine. And I hope that bad tragedies like the 2007 Garuda plane crash will not happen again.