WhatsApp Clone (WA Clone) Mod Apk Download Latest Version 2022

dukcapilmakassar.co.id – From the row of modified WhatsApp applications, there is one application that is quite interesting. Its name is WhatsApp Clone. This application is a little different from some of the previously discussed. The difference lies in its ability to duplicate accounts.

If you use the standard WhatsApp application you will not be able to duplicate the same account. But if you only use one application to manage two accounts, it is likely that it can still be done easily.

That’s why it’s recommended to use WhatsApp Clone if you need two devices with the same account. So you can login in two different places but will not be detected by the system and the account will be blocked.

WhatsApp Clone Review

WhatsApp Clone Review

The development of technology is increasingly advanced and helps humans to get convenience. Unfortunately, the various conveniences that will be obtained later can make them difficult for themselves if they are used incorrectly.

One of them is the WhatsApp Clone application which will be discussed in this article. WhatsApp Clone is actually very useful because it can divide the account into several parts to different gadgets or cellphones.

Unfortunately, if it is misused, it can be used for purposes of use. That is why WhatsApp Clone is not often used by the public because it is considered dangerous. But also used for those who are doing business.

Usually 1 account can be divided into several places. So everyone can manage accounts well without having to take turns one by one. If the change will usually be very troublesome.

That’s why WhatsApp Clone is only used by some people who really do. otherwise most people prefer other modified WhatsApp applications such as GB WhatsApp which tend to be more secure and do not have a cloning function.

WhatsApp Clone Apk Featured Features

Featured WhatsApp Clone

There are many excellent features that WhatsApp Clone has. Here are some features that you can rely on when using it.

1. Duplicate Account

The main feature of WhatsApp Clone is that it is able to perform the account doubling process easily. Usually, to duplicate one’s account, one must first log out of the old account.

The point is that one account cannot be logged on two different devices. If this is done, one of them will automatically log out or the account will be done to avoid the usage process.

If you use the WhatsApp Clone application, this kind of thing will not happen because you are free to duplicate accounts. So even if the application is logged in two places it will not be detected and can still be used together.

2. Send Media in Bulk

The ability to send media in the form of images or videos in large quantities is also owned by WhatsApp Clone Apk. This means that you can send media in the form of images without any restrictions or limits that are usually applied.

So far, if you want to send an image, there will usually be a limit. Even images or photos that will be sent will be compressed so that the size will be smaller.

When sending videos, there will usually also be this limit. So you can’t send videos that are large enough or with a slightly longer duration than usual.

3. Can Save Status

You can easily save the various types of status that other people have. Usually if you want to have this status you will ask friends to send photos or videos that they post.

By using this method, you can simply open someone else’s story. Then a button will appear to save the process there. So you can immediately do the storage process quickly.

4. Hiding Privacy

As with other modified Whatsapp, WhatsApp Clone will also have the ability to hide privacy. By using WhatsApp Clone, you can easily hide online statuses that usually appear.

In addition, if you have read or opened messages sent by other people. Most likely the message will be considered unread because the notification that appears there is only in the form of a double tick or one tick.

Last and not least is that you can hide your whereabouts while peeking at statuses or stories made by other people. So even if you can see it there won’t be a picture of you.

5. Messages Won’t Be Deleted

The unpleasant thing when receiving messages from WhatsApp is that once opened the messages are lost. Even though you want to know roughly what the contents of the message have been sent by someone else.

If the message is important, it must be responded to as soon as possible. But if you send it wrong, you must be curious about what was sent. That’s why there are apps to prevent deletion of messages.

WhatsApp Clone can do that so that all messages that are later sent by other people cannot be deleted unilaterally. Even if it can be deleted only in their conversation section, your conversation will still be there.

6. Chat Without Save Number

Usually, if you want to carry out the conversation process, you must first save the number that is owned by someone else. If you do not save the number, the conversation process will not be able to be carried out.

By using WhatsApp Clone, all unsaved numbers can still be chatted. You only need to enter the number to send messages or send media in any form easily.

This system is perfect for those of you who are lazy to save numbers, let alone a lot of new numbers that come in. So you can prioritize which paints are considered important and which ones are not.

7. Easy to Share Anything

The last feature that WhatsApp Clone users might get is convenience when doing the sharing process. You can give anything easily from sharing files in audio form to files in video form.

You can even do this sharing process automatically once you get a new file. For example, you share screenshots obtained from the internet directly to the accounts that are actually being chatted with.

Usually the process of sending various types of data can run very quickly. So you don’t have to worry if you want to use it. The most important thing is that you can directly share anything, even if there is no size limit.

Advantages of WhatsApp Clone

Advantages of WhatsApp Clone

Consider the advantages of this application will help you to maximize all functions. Below will be discussed most of the advantages possessed by WhatsApp cloning.

1. Easy to Use Application

WhatsApp Clone tends to be easy to use because it has a very simple interface. This means that you can use this application to its full potential even after a successful installation.

Actually the contents of WhatsApp Clone are almost the same as standard Whatsapp. So when you use it you don’t need to learn anymore because you will get used to it. You don’t even feel like you’re using a modified application.

2. Anti Block

WhatsApp Clone has the ability to prevent the learning process. So you don’t have to worry if WhatsApp Clone will cause problems with the account you are using. Moreover, it will be cloned up to several times.

The most important thing when using this application is not to overdo it. Make sure you only use one or a few devices and don’t use the rest at the same time.

3. Easy to Update

WhatsApp Clone will be very easy to update because the developers will continue to make changes. So you can immediately get the APK file easily and quickly.

If you have got the APK file, you can directly install it as usual. Old applications will usually be immediately removed. Apart from that it is instantly updated with the newly installed APK.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Clone

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Clone

Even though it looks perfect, it turns out that WhatsApp Clone still has some shortcomings that must also be considered carefully. If not, it can cause problems when used.

  • Iran is very prone to conflict if it is wrong to clone.
  • Prone to the process of use because it will be difficult to detect.
  • There is a possibility that a virus or malware still appears that can enter the cellphone.

Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk Latest 2022

Download App

Downloading WhatsApp Clone Apk can be done directly by using the link below.

App NameWhatsApp Clone
VersionNewest 2022
File Size60 MB
Download linkhttps://file.dolanyok.com/whatsapp-clone-apk-mod/

Notes: If you feel that the application above is too old or using an older version. You can still use the new version by directly searching using Google.

How to Install WhatsApp Clone Apk

How to Install

WhatsApp Clone is not available on the Playstore so if it is installed it will definitely be rejected by the Android forced system. For that you must first change the security system by following the steps below.

  • Entered into: Settings – Additional Settings – Security – Install from Unknown Source.
  • Next the installation part from unknown sources should be activated.
  • At this point, you can immediately do the installation as usual with tapping on the APK file.
  • Process installation will run for a few minutes. Wait for it to finish to use.

Tips to Avoid Blocking

Tips to Avoid Blocking

To avoid blocking, you can follow several methods or steps below.

  • Do not do the cloning process excessively like more than 2. Although it can still be done up to several times it will be very risky because it is detected by the system more easily.
  • If you want to use gadgets, you are expected to take turns and don’t use them simultaneously because there will be confusion in the system.
  • It’s better to make a schedule so that one app won’t be used concurrently and trigger misdelivery.
  • Try to always update regularly, especially on some gadgets that are often used to avoid security problems. So the application can be used up to many times.

The WhatsApp Clone application is indeed very useful for everyone. Moreover, they want all their cellphones to have the same account so they don’t have to open their cellphones many times if they want to reply to messages.

Although very useful this ability can be misused by some people. One of them is those who want to carry out the usage process. This way they can clone your account.

That’s why compared to other applications, WhatsApp Clone is rarely used. Even if it is usually used for business purposes only so that you can create a Whatsapp account that can be used on various cellphones or gadgets.