WhatsApp Plus (WA Plus) Apk Download Latest Version 2022

dukcapilmakassar.co.id – Whatsapp, which is one of the most popular chat applications, has a lot of modifications. One of the modifications of whatsapp that currently has a lot of interest is WhatsApp Plus. In fact, almost original WhatsApp users have switched to this WhatsApp mod.

There are so many reasons that make WA Plus popular. One of the most plausible reasons is because this WhatsApp mod is blessed with lots of advanced features that can be used for free.

Reviews About WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus (WA Plus) Apk Download Latest Version 2022

For a modified whatsapp application called whatsapp plus, this is one of the wa mods modified by a third party. The party when modifying whatsapp plus is to pamper whatsapp users. The reason is that when it provides a lot of advanced features that are not in the original WhatsApp.

Not only here, even the developer from wa plus is always updating his WhatsApp mod. Of course, the updates that are made are not only free, the developer will certainly add features to the application he made.

But for now the developer has not added the features in WhatsApp Plus. However, in the future, it is possible that the features in WA Plus will increase. If you want whatsapp plus to use on your smartphone. Then just download the application.

Before you download the whatsapp plus apk application. We highly recommend that you take a look at all the features in this whatsapp mod apk. Therefore, please see all the wa plus features that the admin has shared below:

Featured WhatsApp Plus Apk

WhatsApp Plus (WA Plus) Apk Download Latest Version 2022

Below we have prepared all the features available on WhatsApp plus along with an explanation. By looking at all the features in whatsapp plus. Then later you will be familiar with its features when you want to use this WhatsApp mod apk.

Instead of you asking and being curious about all the features of WhatsApp plus along with the explanation. Then you can just take a look at the features and also a full explanation as follows:

1. Customization Features Available

As we explained above, this wa plus has a lot of excellent and sophisticated features. One of the advanced features of WhatsApp Plus is the customization feature. For this feature, of course, you will not be able to find it on the original WhatsApp.

With the help of this advanced feature, users will be able to adjust WhatsApp settings according to the wishes of each user. In addition, you users will also be able to do editing on the main screen of the WhatsApp application.

2. Anti Delete Messages

Another excellent feature in WhatsApp Plus is that there is an anti-delete message feature. This one feature will certainly be able to make users more comfortable. Because messages that have been deleted by the sender will still be visible with this one feature.

In addition to messages, there are also stories that are often deleted by other WhatsApp users because of possible errors when creating them. Now, by using wa plus, the deleted story will be able to be seen.

Of course, this one feature is not in the original WhatsApp. The reason is in the original wa if the sender of the message has deleted the message, then the message will turn into a withdrawn message.

3. Send Message Auto/Reply Message

Further advanced features would certainly not make sense. Because this feature will be very helpful for those of you who are going to travel and are chatting with business partners. Now for this advanced feature, namely reply messages or automatic messages.

In this wa plus later you will be able to set the settings for messages to be sent automatically. For examples of good and correct automatic messages, such as sorry for driving, temporarily unable to send messages and others according to your wishes.

4. Online Status Can Be Removed

Maybe in the original WhatsApp application you will not be able to remove the online status, because this feature is one of the features of ordinary WhatsApp. However, wa plus which is a wa mod apk is the opposite. Because on wa plus you will be able to remove the online status.

But you need to know that the online status does not disappear permanently. The reason is that if you disable the feature to remove this online status, the online status will reappear.

5. Hide Typing Status

In addition to the usual whatsapp online status feature, it also embeds the typing status feature which usually appears on the recipient of the message when you are typing. Well the status is typing is certainly very annoying at certain times.

Therefore, so that you don’t feel disturbed by the status you are typing. So the WhatsApp Plus developer provides a feature to hide the status while typing. So you will be able to hide the typing status when you feel disturbed.

6. Longer Status/Story Duration

The WhatsApp application even though it has a status or story upload feature, it is unfortunate that the duration of the story on WhatsApp is very limited. Of course this really feels if there are users who have long duration videos to make whatsapp statuses.

With so many complaints about whatsapp status which has a short duration. Of course, the WhatsApp Plus developer responded to this and it is proven that now on WA Plus the duration of the story can be longer.

7. Has Many Varied Themes

Sometimes we feel bored when we open WhatsApp because the theme is the same. So of course you thought it would be very exciting when the WhatsApp theme was changed which was cool and varied.

Well, with you guys using WhatsApp Plus. Then you will be able to use lots of varied themes which will certainly make you not feel bored when opening the WhatsApp application.

8. Clear Image

Sending pictures via the whatsapp application sometimes doesn’t live up to expectations. The reason is that there are often images sent via WhatsApp that are blurry or not clear.

But the blurry image does not apply to whatsapp mod apk like this wa plus. Because whatsapp mod has a media size of 50GB. So of course the image sent via whatsapp plus, it will not be blurry or the image is very clear.

9. Send Large Files

In addition to sending messages and pictures, sometimes there are also WhatsApp users who send files. However, it is very disappointing that sending files on WhatsApp is not perfect, because users can only send files with a size of 16 MB.

But on whatsapp plus you will be able to send files with a size large enough that is 50 MB. So of course this feature will be very helpful for those of you who often send large files.

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Version 2022

WhatsApp Plus (WA Plus) Apk Download Latest Version 2022

The above is a WhatsApp Plus feature which of course will really help you as a user. If you haven’t downloaded whatsapp plus apk and want to use it. So please just download it with the apk file below.

NameWhatsApp Plus Apk
OS SupportAndroid 2.3 +

How to Install WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk

WhatsApp Plus (WA Plus) Apk Download Latest Version 2022

The whatsapp plus file that you downloaded above is an illegal application file. So of course, for how to install the file, you must activate the cellphone settings first.

Then how to install the whatsapp plus apk. If you don’t know how to install it, then you can just follow our complete sample install below:

  • The first step is to go to your phone’s settings.
  • After that, go to the security menu and enable unknown sources.
  • Then you look for the apk file of this application and click it to directly carry out the installation process.
  • Just wait until the installation process is complete and successful.
  • Finished.

We made an example of how to install the above in a simple and clear way. So of course you will easily practice it.

How to set up WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus (WA Plus) Apk Download Latest Version 2022

If you have successfully downloaded this WhatsApp mod apk. Then next, please do the settings on the whatsapp plus mod apk. How to set wa plus is quite complicated. Therefore, we will provide a guide to setting wa plus for you.

1. Privacy Settings

For the first setting, you have to do privacy settings. For this privacy setting, it is useful to be able to activate all features that are private or private such as removing online status, typing status and others.

2. Settings Plus

Next, there is a plus setting. For this one setting, it is very useful for those of you who are after the theme feature. The reason is that by setting plus, you will be able to easily share themes or activate themes.

In addition, you will also be able to download stickers available in the WhatsApp application. Not only that, you will also be able to clean messages at once without having to delete them one by one.

3. General Settings

Like what we explained above that there are lots of additional menus provided on whatsapp plus which are wa modifications. With an additional menu, users will really believe in the security of this wa plus.

Modification applications are indeed very sophisticated and cool. But apart from all that, of course this application has risks. For that risk, of course, permanently banned. So you must always be alert and careful.