When can FF Max be installed on the Indonesian server?

When can FF Max be installed on the Indonesian server? This question is now being asked by many Free Fire players, because currently Garena is preparing the release of Free Fire Max.

Free Fire Max itself is an upgraded version of Free Fire Original (FFO). Players can get many advantages, starting from a more detailed graphic display, stable fps, and many other new features that will be present in Free Fire Max.

The hype for Free Fire Max has started since the original FF upgrade version was announced some time ago. Coupled with the start of the pre-registration stage at the end of August 2021 ago.

When can FF Max be installed on the Indonesian server?

when can ff max be installed on the indonesian server
FF Max | Garena

So when can we play FF ​​Max on the Indonesian server? To answer this question, we return to Garena. Until now Free Fire Max is still in the pre-registration or pre-registration stage which has started on August 29, 2021. I don’t know how long this pre-registration stage will finish.

Garena did not mention the exact time or exact date when FF Max will be released. To find out the release schedule, you should always check the FF Max application on the Play Store or on the official Garena Free Fire Instagram.

So it is certain that we can only start playing FF Max on the new Indonesian server after the pre-registration stage is complete. Yes, the game itself is currently available on the Play Store and App Store. But don’t worry, when you have pre-registered, the game will be downloaded automatically when it is available.

If you are impatient and want to immediately play FF ​​Max, you can download it via Apkcombo FF Max. Through this site, you can download FF Max faster than waiting from the Play Store.

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FF Max Pre-Registration Free Gift

After discussing when FF max can be installed on the Indonesian server, then there is good news for those of you who have already done the pre-registration stage. There are several prizes that you can get when FF Max has been released.

So far, 800,000 players have pre-registered for FF Max. This amount was released by Garena on September 2, 2021. If you want to get a pre-registration gift in the form of a Max Raychaser bundle. Then you should successfully invite friends to pre-register.

If you have reached the minimum limit, then you can get the gift bundle. You will then be able to claim the prize via the official website redemption rewards FF Max after its release. If you want to invite friends, then you must login and pre-register via the following link.

So that’s the discussion about when ff max can be installed on the Indonesian server. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.