When will PES 2021 Maintenance Finish? Here’s the info

PES 2021 Maintenance

There is no doubt that the popularity of PES 2021 is increasing from year to year. More and more users are playing this game made by KONAMI.

Recently, the PES 2021 application made several improvements that made users panic because they couldn’t access their accounts. Approximately, when will PES 2021 maintenance end? Check out the information below.

What is PES 2021?

PES 2021 is the latest game application released by KONAMI in 2020. The appearance of this game is decorated with the faces of familiar football players, namely Christiano Ronaldo, Alphonso Davies to Marcus Rashford.

Recently, PES 2021 has again carried out maintenance with the aim of updating features and applications so that users can enjoy it more.

When will PES 2021 Maintenance Finish?

You don’t need to be confused about when the PES 2021 maintenance will finish, because it usually only takes a few hours since the game is updated.

However, it is still unknown whether KONAMI takes longer. Just in case, just assume that this PES 2021 maintenance will last for a day or two.

PES 2021 Maintenance Effect

It’s not without reason that KONAMI performs maintenance on the PES 2021 application. This maintenance is good news, because it means that the PES 2021 application will work with better performance.

In fact, sometimes there are new events held at PES 2021 after repairs have been made. Of course you will benefit if you win or participate in the event.

Possible New Features Post Maintenance PES 2021

For the possible features themselves, there are several things that are usually present and are predicted to be present in the PES 2021 application.

The following are some of the things that may be in PES 2021 post maintenance:

  • Latest events, POTW and prizes.
  • Draw legend
  • New icons

Please note that these things may not happen, because the features above are still possibilities.

Latest Skills in PES 2021 Application

For those of you who are new users, you have to learn a lot of things in this PES 2021 application. As a quick guide, the following are the latest skills in the PES 2021 application excluding post maintenance:

Skills Players

There are at least 8 skill players that can be used in the PES 2021 application, namely Step on Skills, Roulette, Flip Flap, Sombrero Feints, Turning Skills, Kick Feints, Body Feints and Scissors Skills.

Call it sombrero feints which is Basil’s signature trick movement that allows players to perform crescent turns and boomerang traps.

Playing Style

Not inferior to player skills, playing style also has several types, namely dummy runner, goal poacher, creative playmaker, target man, fox in the box, Roaming Flank, Hole Player, prolific winger, and classic no 10.

You can use a variety of playing style options in order to win the game. Creative playmaker is one of the most popular.

This style can be used by a player to take advantage of any gaps in the defense and can help shoot goals on goal.

Now you know when the PES 2021 application maintenance will end. You should not force to open the PES 2021 application while it is under maintenance because it is feared that it can interfere with the repair process. Hopefully this information can be useful for you.