WHO Calls Easing Covid-19 Restrictions in Europe Too Brutal, Makes Cases Skyrocket Again

Suara.com – The World Health Organization said that a number of European countries, including Germany, France, Italy and the UK, lifting their Covid-19 restrictions were too “brutal”. The policy led to an increase in cases possibly due to the more contagious BA2 variant.

WHO Europe director Hans Kluge told a news conference in Moldova that he was “optimistic but wary” about the developments of the pandemic in Europe. Covid-19 is increasing in 18 of the WHO’s 53 European countries, he said.

“Countries where we saw certain increases were the UK, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, France, Italy and Germany.”

Corona Virus Illustration.  (Pixabay)
Corona Virus Illustration. (Pixabay)

He said the main reason behind the hike was likely the BA2 variant, which is more contagious, but not more dangerous than the other variants.

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But other than that, “the countries are lifting restrictions brutally from too much to too little,” he said.

According to the WHO database, the number of new Covid-19 cases in Europe fell sharply after peaking in late January, but has risen again since early March.

Over the past seven days, more than 5.1 million new cases and 12,496 deaths have been reported in the WHO Europe region.

That brings the number of cases since the start of the pandemic to nearly 194.4 million and the death toll to more than 1.92 million.

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