Who is the Queen of TikTok Indonesia? Check out the information here!

For you Tiktok social media users, do you know who the current queen of Indonesian tiktok is? If you don’t know it yet, then you should listen to the full discussion in this article so that you know better who is the current tiktok queen from Indonesia.

You need to know, the person who gets the nickname as the queen of tiktok in Indonesia today is a young woman who is also an influencer and youtuber from Purwodadi, Central Java named Cahyaniryn. Iya is known as tiktokers who have achievements by winning awards from Tiktok awards.

It is known, he received an award in 2020, namely by winning the popular category Creator of the year at the tiktok awards Indonesia 2020. His brilliant career as a content creator currently started for the first time on the YouTube platform. From the content on YouTube, which is then known to many people in cyberspace.

The career journey that he went through to become famous as he is today was certainly not easy, his career was built with various obstacles that he went through and finally led him to the success he is today.

Apparently, many are curious about the profile and biodata of tiktokers Cahyaniryn, who is known to have millions of followers and is currently the queen of Indonesian tiktok. Therefore, see the following article regarding the profile and biodata of cahyaniryn which we have compiled from various sources.

The Profile of Cahyaniryn Ratu Tiktok that you must know!

Indonesian tiktok queen

Cahyaniryn Ratu tiktok Indonesia whose real name is Mega Dwi Cahyani is known as an influencer from Purwodadi, Central Java who is active on social media such as YouTube, Tiktok, to Instagram. No kidding, the number of followers on these three social media reaches millions of people.

In fact, thanks to his popularity on tiktok, he won an award in the Popular Creator of the Year category at the Tiktok awards Indonesia 2020. Through his Tiktok account named @cahyanirynn which has more than 12 million followers, he often uploads videos about his daily life, makeup tips -up, and also romantic content with the lover.

Meanwhile, for his YouTube channel, he often uploads vlogs about games, pranks, make-up, daily vlogs, to share money with small children and people in need.

Meanwhile, through her Instagram account, this girl who often appears with colored hair on the front, often uploads her daily activities, such as helping her parents who are farmers in harvesting and drying the harvested rice.

With his hobby of playing games consistently with capital, cahyaniryn built his career by creating game content on YouTube. Starting from this, he became increasingly known to many people so that he managed to win the title as the gold play button of the YouTube platform.

Complete Biography of Cahyaniryn, Queen of Indonesian Tiktok

The following is a complete biodata of cahyaniryn that we have successfully summarized, so that you get to know more about this influencer and YouTuber from Purwodadi, Central Java.

  • Real name: Mega Dwi Cahyani
  • Nickname : Cahya, Cahyani, Caca
  • Stage name : Cahyaniryn
  • TTL : Purwodadi, September 1, 1999
  • Age : 22 years
  • Lover’s name: Raka Heiraks
  • Indonesian citizenship
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Islam
  • Hobbies: playing games, photography
  • Profession: content creator, youtuber, celebrity, Tiktokers
  • Father’s name: Yanto
  • Mother’s name: Nur Jumaidah
  • Instagram account : @cahyanirint @cacazm
  • Number of Instagram followers: 4.5 million
  • YouTube channel name : Cahyaniryn Official
  • YouTube subscribers: 4.24 million
  • Tiktok account name : @cahyanirinn
  • Number of Tiktok followers: 10 million+

Interesting Cahyaniryn Facts You Must Know!

The following are interesting facts from cahyaniryn that we have managed to summarize from various sources:

  • Cahyani started her career as a YouTuber who often uploads game-themed content.
  • He can only buy a camera to create higher quality content when his subscribers reach 700 thousand.
  • When her subscribers reached 1 million, Cahyani took her 1 RT neighbors for a walk.
  • Was able to buy his parents a car from his income on YouTube.
  • In 2021, he sacrificed a cow named Sani which stands for Cahyani cow.
  • Her boyfriend is Raka Heiraks who is also an influencer.
  • Even though he started his career through his YouTube channel, he has the most followers on TikTok.
  • Never ashamed to show his family background that comes from the village.
  • Worked as a sales promotion girl (SPG) and a cellphone counter guard before becoming a content creator.

Finally, that’s the discussion about cahyaniryn Ratu tiktok Indonesia whose information we have compiled especially for you. Visit our site to get the latest information which we will update every day.