Why Are Numbers Blocked From Using WhatsApp? This is the reason

Why Numbers Are Blocked To Use WhatsApp – Currently the WhatsApp application is an application that provides chat, telephone and video call features, Whatsapp is also an application that is in great demand by most netizens because it is considered easy to inform something important without using credit but a little quota. we are satisfied in using the WhatsApp application.

Whatsapp users are also pampered with various interesting features that make it easier to use, especially for a 1 hour video call it only takes 10 MB, this is very encouraging for mobile phone users who don’t want their credit to run out in vain because of sms and calls. Whatsapp has also become a mandatory application on netizens’ phones, although there are many chat applications that offer features similar to Whatsapp such as telegram and others, but the popularity of WhatsApp as a chat, telephone and video call application cannot be shifted by any application.

In securing WhatsApp data, it is not a joke, because user privacy is highly respected and used as the number one goal of this application so that we can chat with satisfaction whatever the chat is without anyone knowing what is in our message, even WhatsApp itself will not know what the message is. written even though he himself created this application.

Reasons for Blocking Whatsapp Numbers By Applications

Why Number Blocked To Use WhatsApp

Due to the tight security in the WhatsApp application, sometimes we encounter obstacles that can prevent us from using this application, a lot of users do not know that their phone number has violated many privacy rules so that the number is blocked by WhatsApp.

But that’s not the only reason that can be used as a basis. Why does the WhatsApp application block our number so that it cannot be installed in the WhatsApp application on any cellphone, perhaps the first and most frequent reason is a number that violates user privacy and can no longer be used.

But in this article we will explain a few things about why WhatsApp blocks our number even this number cannot be used in the WhatsApp application on any Android, maybe this is quite annoying for us but this must be done to maintain the privacy of all users, especially privacy is number 1 in making an application.

Indeed, very often the WhatsApp application blocks numbers so that the number cannot be used in the WhatsApp application on any cellphone, some of these reasons may be used as a basis to find out why this can happen, we as users must also comply with all the privacy policies in the WhatsApp application. . Here are some reasons why numbers are blocked on WhatsApp.

1. Using WhatsApp Mod

The first reason is quite reasonable because using WhatsApp will violate the privacy of users on WhatsApp so that we as WhatsApp mod users will block the number so that we cannot see the database. Actually, the use of WhatsApp mod only opens some privacy, such as when it was last active, real name, changing background and others, but for WhatsApp itself this is already very threatening, so inevitably the number must be blocked.

2. Many I Reported

The second reason is quite strong, especially with a Whatsapp account that often spams and chats that interferes with other accounts, usually around WhatsApp there is a feature called report and block if we are reported and blocked more than 6 people then WhatsApp will automatically block number and cannot be used in any WhatsApp application. We as users must be aware of this because WhatsApp wants us as users to do things that are ethical on social media.

3. Sending Many Messages to Numbers That Don’t Save Our Number

The third reason is very unique and even enough to make us wonder because WhatsApp won, we chat with people we don’t know, especially since we as users don’t save their number and vice versa, so Whatsapp detects it as spam, so it deserves to be blocked.

Those are the three reasons that usually make our numbers blocked by WhatsApp, we as users must be careful especially in chatting that deals with other people’s privacy.

Thus a brief review that we can convey on this occasion regarding Why Numbers are Blocked from Using WhatsApp. Hopefully it can be useful, look forward to the next update from us.