Why Omicron Symptoms Are Different From Other Variants, Experts Reveal

Suara.com – The omicron variant is still being studied and sought by researchers. So doctors are still using anecdotal data to explain what happened to Covid-19 patients.

In many cases, doctors and health care workers see different omicron symptoms in different patients. Why did it happen?

Reporting from The Desert News, a number of readers had asked Dr. Melanie Swift, co-chairwoman of the Mayo Clinic Covid-19 Vaccine Allocation and Distribution Working Group, on the omicron coronavirus variant, the Covid-19 vaccine, and related topics tried to explain it.

One person asked if they would lose their sense of taste and smell from the omicron variant, or if it was just a sign of the delta variant.

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Illustration of Omicron Variant Corona Virus (Envato)
Illustration of Omicron Variant Corona Virus (Envato)

The loss of taste and smell has been a symptom of all previous variants of Covid-19, Swift said. But there’s still a lot that’s unknown about omicron.

“Interestingly — and this is still anecdotal information we gathered and observed — there were a few different presentations we saw on omicron,” he said.

“One is a milder type of cold-like syndrome, very similar to the previous variant but slightly milder and often without the loss of taste and smell that was really the hallmark of COVID before omicron. The other presentations we saw were more of gastrointestinal disease – and some of those patients actually had no respiratory symptoms at all.”

Indeed, stomach problems have become a common symptom of the omicron variant. Health officials in Alabama recently warned patients that they may experience stomach upset and gastrointestinal symptoms after infection.

“With deltas, upper respiratory tract symptoms are very severe. It’s in the lungs. The patient will have pneumonia, respiratory failure and will be on a ventilator,” said Dr. Bill Admire, of Infirmary Health, according to WPMI-TV. “But with omicron, patients with digestive issues flare up and have more symptoms.”

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