Why Shopee Planting Can’t Be Opened? Here’s the Cause and the Solution!

The shopee feature that is quite attractive to consumers besides the lucky egg is shopee planting, this is a game in the shopee application to get additional coins or prizes by caring for and watering plants according to a predetermined schedule. You could say this is not much different from daily missions in order to get rewards, what is meant by rewards here are gifts from certain stores and can be claimed if they meet the target.

Shopee planting does not need to be installed by yourself because it is already in the shopee application, how to play this game is very easy, you just open the game page and choose one of the plants you want and don’t forget to take care and water it every day so that the plants can grow quickly and can harvest. From the harvest, it will increase your chances of getting the prize you have chosen.

This time, we will not discuss further about the mechanism of the planting shopee, but we will explain the reasons why the planting shopee cannot be opened, complete with how to overcome it. For some people this is very important considering that a plant shopee can give the desired gift just by watering and caring for the plant. Instead of being curious, let’s look at the following reviews:

Why Shopee Planting Can’t Be Opened? This is the cause and how to solve it

Why Shopee Planting Can't Be Opened

When you often play the game shopee planting and are almost harvesting it but it turns out that your shopee planting can’t be opened and makes you confused why this can happen. There are several identifiable causes of this problem and they are usually due to a technical glitch. You don’t need to panic because we will provide various reasons and solutions that you can do to reopen the plant shopee:

1. Haven’t Updated the Shopee Application

The first cause of shopee planting cannot be opened, namely because you have not updated or updated your shopee application, the shopee cropping game is indeed in the shopee application so if your shopee application has not been updated and updated it will affect the features in it. So you need to update the application first so you can open the shopee cropping game.

The trick is that you can directly open the play store or app store application and type in the search “Shopee” then there will be an update or update button that you can click so that your application gets the latest version. After we update the shopee application, you can restart the phone first and reopen your shopee crop.

2. The Shopee application is in error

The next obstacle that causes shopee planting cannot be opened, that’s because the shopee application is experiencing an error or is back in the repair period, causing certain features to not be opened. You can immediately clarify this through customer service at shopee. Later the shopee will help you fix this problem so you can use the shopee game to replant.

In addition to contacting customer service, you can also wait and open a plant shopee periodically until the system can be used again. You can also uninstall and reinstall if your problem in the long term is not resolved. You can do this to anticipate and refresh the Shopee application after repairs or system errors.

3. Huge Cache and Full Storage Space

Next is that you can check the cache in your phone and clean it because often cache is a burden and the main problem that causes application performance on the cellphone to experience problems. You can clear your cache through settings or settings on your cellphone and click the application menu then open the shopee application. In the storage column you can clear the cache

In addition, you can’t ignore a full storage space because to work optimally the application requires sufficient space so you need to make sure that space on your phone is still available to operate the Shopee application and play the Shopee application smoothly.

Finally, in closing, we thank you for reading this article to the end and to add your information to overcome why shopee planting can’t be opened, check your internet network again and make sure the internet connection is stable. See you in our next article and don’t forget to share if this is useful for others!