With a genetic disorder, this baby boy was diagnosed with ‘uncombable hair syndrome’, what is his condition like?

Suara.com – A mother tries to raise people’s awareness about her son’s rare genetic condition.

This rare genetic condition is uncombed hair syndrome or untouchable hair syndrome.

Mother Katelyn Samples, 33, from Georgia, first learned about uncombed hair syndrome in July last year.

He got the information after receiving a message on Instagram from one of his followers who had seen a photo of his youngest son, Locklan.

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“My biggest fear is that something is wrong with him, that maybe he’s in pain from his hair,” Katelyn told The Independent.

Locklan has uncombed hair syndrome (Instagram)
Locklan has uncombed hair syndrome (Instagram)

When Locklan was born, he had dark hair like a normal baby. But her new hair grew, it started to resemble the feathers on a peach.

After learning about this syndrome, Katelyn immediately contacted her son’s pediatrician. After that he was directed to see a pediatric dermatologist at Emory Hospital in Atlanta.

Uncombable hair syndrome, also known as spun glass hair, is a very rare condition.

It is characterized by very soft silvery blonde hair with a brittle texture and growing in all directions.

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According to the National Institutes of Health, this condition will become apparent when the child is three months to 12 years old.

According to them, this is due to differences in the formation of the hair shaft.

Locklan is one of 100 confirmed cases of uncombed hair syndrome in the world.

But according to Katelyn, Locklan’s hair actually lacks maintenance and she washes her son’s hair once a week using natural products.

Ever since Locklan was diagnosed with uncombed hair syndrome, Katelyn has started sharing her son’s story on social media to spread awareness and connect with others with the condition.