Wow! Being infected with Covid-19 repeatedly can make the immune system work – A person can be infected with Covid-19 more than once, also known as reinfection. What is the impact if you are infected with Covid-19 many times?

Before that, please note that reinfection can occur for various reasons. Internal medicine specialist Prof. Dr. dr. Iris Rengganis, Sp.PD., said that reinfection could be caused, for example, by different variants and subvariants.

“First, because of the Omicron variant, we know that it has very different characteristics from the previous variant. So it can deceive our immunity,” explained Prof. Iris in the Covid-19 Task Force webinar, Wednesday (2/3/2022).

Reinfection also causes the body’s immune system to be unable to meet the requirements to be able to withstand external attacks, because it is caused by irregular food intake during illness. In addition, incomplete vaccination also causes a weak immune system.

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Illustration of the Corona Covid-19 virus.  (Doc. Envato)
Illustration of the Corona Covid-19 virus. (Doc. Envato)

Another factor, the immune system can go down due to the body’s lack of vitamin and mineral intake, lack of sleep, and lack of fluids.

“We have to pay attention to all of that, exercise too. Don’t forget the health protocols. If we feel we have been vaccinated, everything is fine, but the Health protocols are not implemented, it’s the same as the virus can enter,” said Prof Iris.

He added that people who have comorbidities are also at risk for reinfection. Because basically, his immune system is really weak due to the comorbidities he is experiencing.

“Individuals with comorbidities, such as diabetes, old age, hypertension, will produce lower antibodies after the vaccine. So the risk of reinfection is also higher, especially with the presence of omicron,” he said.

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