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Currently, making Japanese bokeh videos does not require a lot of equipment that has to cost a lot, because there are already several special applications that are able to give bokeh effects to videos.

By relying on an editor application, you can create cooler and more interesting videos more easily. In addition to providing tools for video editing, some of these applications also provide video quality options that can be tailored to the needs of users, as reported by the newspaper.id page.

Download Japanese Bokeh Application For PC

The Japanese bokeh effect is currently popular and widely used. This effect is preferred because it can make objects in the video look clearer than the background. This application is certainly very useful for those of you who like to create video content.

This application for PC must be installed before use. However, the editing process will feel more comfortable and easier if done on a wider screen. This is what makes many people prefer to use editor applications on PCs. Here are some application recommendations and these are quoted from chip.co.id.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro


For PC users, of course, you are familiar with this one application. Adobe does have various types of products that are well known in the editor world.

This Adobe Premiere Pro application is generally used by professional video editors who need beautiful effects and video results. This application provides various types of features so that special knowledge and skills are needed to be able to use them.

This application is often used as a mainstay because it offers complete features. Adobe Premiere Pro is equipped with a blur effect to make the background on the video blurry.

You can edit various types of videos using this application, ranging from music videos, events, weddings and so on.

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2. AVS Video Editor


This video application has a very interactive display that makes it easier for users to use it. The features presented by this editor are also very complete. Although it is an application for PC, but this application has a small size.

This makes it easier for users to install this application on any device. Another advantage of this application is the video catche technology that makes the editing process faster and produces full HD quality that is interesting to watch.

This application provides a timeline option that can separate the editing process of video, text, audio or given effects.

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4. Pinnacle studio


For those of you who are still beginners, of course you need tools with easy-to-understand features so you don’t feel difficult when editing videos. You can use this Pinnacle Studio application as a mainstay.

In addition to its attractive and simple interface, this application provides various features that can be used for video editors. This application is very suitable for use by users who do not really understand the editor features well.

This application has a light size so it is easy to install on PC devices. Users can have fun while learning the various features needed in the video editing process.

The quality of the video results from this application is quite good, so it looks more attractive and clearer.

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5. Sony Vegas Pro 13


This flagship software offers a very charming blur effect. This application is generally used for video creation or editing to login.

The advantage of this application is that it looks easy to use, although usually this software is often used for professionals. This is presented so that beginners have no difficulty when they want to use it.

This application has very detailed and diverse tools. When editing, users will see a timeline with a simple view so that it is easier to separate video and sound.

In addition, users can also use various other features such as inserting several videos at once in different tracks.

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6. HitFilm Express


This application is highly recommended for beginners who are learning the world of editors. Having complete and varied features, this application can be easily installed on a PC. Users can get this application for free.

By using this application, you can edit videos more easily with cool and high-quality results. Not only can it run on the Windows operating system, but also supports the Mac operating system.

Although included in the free application, the features presented are quite professional and able to support various user needs in the field of video editors.

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7. Avidemux


Maybe not many people are familiar with this one application. But this software can be a mainstay for those of you who want to edit videos easily and quickly. The very simple appearance of the application makes it easy for users to take advantage of the available features.

This application is very suitable for use by beginners who want to cultivate the field of editors. The filters available in this application can be said to be quite diverse and cool so that they can be adjusted more easily to the needs of users.

In addition to providing standard editing tools, this application also provides other important effects in video editors such as fast motion or slow motion. With this application you can do many things and explore your imagination more broadly.

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8. Corel Video Studio X7


This application has been very popular for a long time in the field of editors. In addition to its simple interface, this application provides various types of products with a wide selection of features to make the editing process easier.

This application can be a mainstay in terms of video editing that is done everyday. This application is suitable for all walks of life, from beginners to professionals. Corel provides various types of effects that can be used, one of which is bokeh.

To be able to use this application, it requires sufficient knowledge of the features in it. But it can be learned as you make edits.

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9. Camtasia


This video editor application for PC not only supports the Windows operating system, but can also be used for Mac OS. The features available in it are also very complete and easy to access.

This application can also be used to record video on a PC or laptop. Its very simple interface makes it easier for users to use it. With the help of this application, you no longer need to bother editing videos according to your needs.

This application can be used for beginners to professionals, various tools allow you to display cool effects on videos.

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Some recommendations for video editor applications with Japanese bokeh effects have different advantages and features. You can choose it according to your individual taste and comfort. In addition to having a simple interface, you can use the application for free.

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