Years of Difficult Breathing Normal, Turns Out There Are Teeth Growing In This Man’s Right Nostril – A 38-year-old man, who was not identified, had been having trouble breathing through his right nostril for years.

Feeling unable to take it anymore, he checked his condition at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City, and the doctor found that there was a tooth growing in his nose.

The man showed no facial or head abnormalities, but did appear to have a crooked septum (the soft bone that divides the nasal cavity into two).

In addition, there was a bone-like growth from the back of his nose, doctors wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine in December.

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When examined in more detail, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Sagar Khanna and Michael Turner found that the white mass was firm and painless when pressed.

Teeth growing in nose (New England Journal Medicine)
Teeth growing in nose (New England Journal Medicine)

“It has all the characteristics of an inverted ectopic tooth, or basically an inverted tooth growing in the wrong place,” the doctor explained. Insiders.

The doctor removed the 14 millimeter tooth.

Luckily the man had no complications and now the patient can breathe normally.

Ectopic teeth, or teeth that erupt outside the jaw, are not uncommon.

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However, they usually grow elsewhere in the mouth, such as the palate if there is not enough space along the gum line.

As with many orthodontic problems, genetics plays a role in the risk. Women are more likely to develop an ectopic tooth, which begins to develop in the womb.