Yo WhatsApp 9.21, here are the download links and cool features!

Yo Whatsapp 9.21 – In recent years, instant messaging applications have become increasingly popular among smartphone users to be used as a medium of communication with other people from different locations. Not surprisingly, more and more developers are releasing chat applications with various sophisticated and attractive features for their users.

The emergence of various chat applications, of course, makes communication easier to do. In fact, distance is not an obstacle for someone to send messages to each other either through text, voice calls or video calls.

If we talk about chat applications, then one of the applications that will immediately come to mind is the Whatsapp messaging application. Who does not know the online chat application which is now under the auspices of the Meta company along with Facebook and Instagram. The WhatsApp application is currently the most popular chat application and is widely used by smartphone users, both Android and iOS.

However, behind the convenience and various features it has, the official version of WhatsApp still has several weaknesses, including in terms of appearance and custom features. Therefore, in recent years various modifications of the WhatsApp application have appeared which have features that the official version of WhatsApp does not have.

One of the applications modified from the official WhatsApp is Yowhatsapp 9.21 which reportedly has various excellent features that the official version of WhatsApp does not have. Not surprisingly, many Whatsapp users have finally switched to this modified version of the application. Now, instead of being curious about the features and download links for the Yowhatsapp version 9.21 application, let’s just take a look at the full review below.

Yo Whatsapp 9.21 Cool Features That You Must Know

Before you download the Yowhatsapp version 9.21 application on this one, it’s a good idea to know the following features. You need to know, Yowhatsapp is a modification of the official WhatsApp application developed by Yousef. As previously explained, this Yowhatsapp application has various excellent features that the official version of WhatsApp does not have. Various features of Yowhatsapp version 9.21 include:

  1. Find out which messages have been deleted by the sender

Yowhatsapp version 9.21 application has a feature to read messages that have been deleted by the sender of the message. This of course cannot be done by the official version of the WhatsApp application, so this one feature is one of the superior features that really helps users to find out messages that have been deleted by the sender. Therefore, many people like this Yowhatsapp application and choose to download it.

  1. Hide “online” status and “typing” status from others

Hide online status will help you in hiding information that you are online from others. That way, the person will not know that you are online on the WhatsApp application. In addition, you can also use this feature to be seen online even though you are offline.

Besides that, you can also use the hide online status feature in this Yowhatsapp 9.2 application. When you type, other people will not know it and suddenly your message has been sent without him knowing that you are replying to his message.

  1. The feature of changing the display on the main screen

In this Yowhatsapp 9.21 application, you can change the appearance of the main screen to be custom according to your wishes. You can set the status display, chat view, and call display according to your wishes and separate them into groups such as private chats, group chats, and other chats can be separated so that you will find it easier to use.

  1. Automatic Reject Call Feature

In the Yowhatsapp version 9.21 application, you can disable the call of someone you want so that when he calls you, the call will be automatically rejected.

In addition to some of the features mentioned above, there are still lots of cool features that you can explore in this Yowhatsapp version 9.21 application.

YoWhatsapp 9.21 Download Link with Complete Cool Features

Yo Whatsapp 9.21

If you are interested in using the latest Yowhatsapp version 9.21 application, then you can download it via a browser using the link that we will provide below.

Yowhatsapp version 9.21 download link: click here!

If you have downloaded the Yowhatsapp v9.21 application via the link above, don’t forget to activate the install from unknown source option via the security settings menu so that the installation process runs smoothly.

Thus the discussion about the features and download links for Yo Whatsapp 9.21, the information we have summarized for you. Don’t miss the latest update of our next article which is certainly useful and interesting for you.