You only need a piece of ice, the doctor reveals a trick to sleep well when you’re stressed – Feelings of stress or anxiety often affect the quality of sleep at night. For some people, this condition can make it difficult to sleep at night.

There have been many popular methods to get to sleep fast. Like drinking a cup of chamomile tea before bed to spraying fragrant lavender liquid on the pillow.

But an influencer doctor on social media has a different and unusual trick. Through his personal TikTok account, a health expert from the United States, Dr. Alan Mendell, best known to fans as a motivational doctor, shares tips for getting to sleep quickly even under stressful conditions.

He says that placing an ice cube on your chest, between your breasts, can work very well for a good night’s sleep. The trick, wrap the ice in a cloth and then place it on the chest for about 15 minutes.

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sleep illustration.[Pexels/Ivan Oboleninov]
sleep illustration.[Pexels/Ivan Oboleninov]

“Putting something cold on your upper body will help activate the vagus nerve,” he explains.

According to him, this method can help calm and make the body more relaxed.

“So, take an ice pack, put it on your chest. This will make your stressed body fall asleep,” he added.

The vagus nerve is a cranial nerve in the human body that extends from the brain stem to the large intestine. Quoted from Healthline, the vagus nerve supports a number of internal organ functions, such as the digestive system, heart rate, breathing, and cardiovascular activity. As well as reflex actions, such as sneezing, coughing, swallowing, and vomiting.

The vagus nerve is closely related to sleep quality, and its functions include balancing the nervous system by implementing a relaxation response, one of the most important aspects of a good night’s sleep.

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