Yukle GTA 5 Mod Apk For Android Latest Version 2022

BantenDay.co.id – Fans of offline PC or console games are certainly no stranger to GTA. Currently, you no longer need to rely on these devices, because they are already available in the form of applications that can be used on Android or iPhone devices. Presence Yukle GTA 5 Apk Mod certainly adds to its own excitement for those of you who want to be nostalgic for games that stand for Grand Theft Auto. The reason is, you can get some features that the official version of the game application does not have.

GTA currently has many versions, one of which is GTA 5 which you can download via Google Playstore. The excitement of playing this adventure is none other than the ease of exploring the mp provided. If you are just for fun and want to take a walk, you can explore all corners of the mp provided.

But it’s not fun if you don’t complete the mission given. Yes, in a game that can be used even without an internet connection, you are also given certain missions. Each completed mission will be rewarded in the form of money. With the money that has been collected, you can buy anything in the ‘shop’ menu. For example, you want to buy vehicles, weapons, clothes, etc. to support the success of the next mission.

Of course, the more items you need, the more money you have to get. Meanwhile, to get money from missions is not easy. Therefore, many GTA players are looking for a modified version, where one of the main features is unlimited money, one of which is the Yukle GTA 5 Apk Mod. That way, you can freely buy anything, any upgrade according to your needs.

Yukle GTA 5 Apk Mod Features

There are many advantages to playing the modified version of GTA, apart from unlimited money, of course. You can also get some other features and benefits. Anything? Here are some of the main features you should know!

Unlimited Money and Coins

Obviously we put it in first place for this unlimited money feature. The reason is, most players who are looking for a mod version want this one feature. Where the advantages we have mentioned above, can be used to buy any needs.

HD Graphics

There’s no need to be afraid that using the Mod version of Yukle will reduce the quality of the original game graphics. It is guaranteed that the graphics are not inferior to the official version, maybe even better if the device you are using is capable.

Always update

Although it is said to be a mod apk version, in fact GTA 5 from Yukle is always updated for user satisfaction. Even some updates were made because of the many requests from lovers of this one adventure game.

Career Mode

The existence of a career mode in GTA makes players often forget the time. How not, you can spend hours on one mission that is run. Of course also in accordance with the existing levels at that time.

Download Mod Yukle GTA 5 Apk

Oh yes, do you know what is meant by Mod Yukle? For those who don’t know, Mod Yukle is a site that provides lots of games that have been modified. Of course, the ones who made the modifications were from the Yukle developers themselves.

Not only GTA you can get there, but there are many more exciting Android versions of games from all kinds of categories. Some examples of other games are Subway Surfers, Hungry Dragon, Minecraft, Dream League Soccer 2021 and many more. Especially for Downloading the Yukle GTA 5 Apk Mod, you can get it via the link below!

Game NameYukle GTA 5 Apk Mod
DeveloperRockstar Games
Download LinkHere

How to Install the Yukle GTA 5 Apk Mod

Unlike when you install an application through the Playstore, you only have to click ‘install’, installing an application outside the Playstore has its own way. For those who have experience may not encounter difficulties. However, for those who are new to installing from sources outside of Google, it can be difficult. But don’t worry because you can install it like the way we provide below!

  1. Take your Android phone then go straight to ‘Settings‘.
  2. Go to menu ‘additional settings‘ => ‘security and privacy‘ => ‘unknown source‘.
  3. In the last section, you slide the toggle to the right until it changes color to green or blue.
  4. Next, look for the GTA 5 mod apk file that was downloaded earlier.
  5. Tap the file name.
  6. On the notification that appears, click ‘install‘.
  7. The installation process will run automatically, please wait for it to finish and don’t interfere with the process by opening other applications.


That’s a complete discussion of the features of the Yukle GTA 5 Apk Mod, how to download and install it, which we can convey. If it is not clear, even though we feel that the explanation above is very clear, you can ask directly through the comments below.