Zach Braff, Gabrielle Union in “Cheaper by the Dozen” Remake

Actor Zach Braff and actress Gabrielle Union appear in “Cheaper by the Dozen”, a new remade comedy. The film “Cheaper by the Dozen” was first released in 1950 and was remade in 2003 with the same title.

In the film, Braff and Union played Paul and Zoe Baker, a large family consisting of 10 children, namely 1 adopted child, 1 niece, two sets of twins and children born from their respective previous marriages.

Braff said at first he was “panicked” that he wouldn’t be able to remember all the names of the child and teen stars. Luckily the director sent the entire cast to a camp for a week so they could get to know each other.

“I don’t have any children and the attitude of these child stars is so charming. I mean, you can imagine, they’ve been looking for this child star for a year. Not only are they great, they’re impressive. These kids are cute. They’re very polite. and we all felt close. We became like a family. I don’t have children but I love children,” he explained.

In the real world, Braff never had a child while Union had a daughter and three stepchildren with her husband Dwayne Wade, a famous basketball athlete. Union said the role of a mother in this film is a natural thing for her.

“Every day we feel like we have to go through a day full of chaos. And you know, with so many minors, some of them can only shoot a few hours, while others can shoot longer hours, so You really have to be able to get them to focus. Me and Zach have to push and pull. Of course I have to play a tough parent because in real life, Zach has never been a parent,” added Braff.

The film “Cheaper by the Dozen” premiered through the Disney+ online TV service on March 18, 2022. [lj/uh]