Zhavia ml, Is So Release? Here’s the info

zhavia ml — Using the right hero is one of the keys to being able to win in the Mobile Legends game. Moonton has provided a large selection of interesting heroes that you can try.

Moonton also often releases new heroes so you don’t get bored playing Mobile Legends.

Reportedly Moonton has many over power (OP) heroes that have not been released, one of which is the hero Zhavia.

zhavia ml
zhavia ml

Do you know what this Zhavia hero looks like? Take a look at the complete info about the Zhavia hero in this discussion.

Hero Zhavia ML

Zhavia is rumored to be one of the new heroes in Mobile Legends who is quite overpowered. This hero, who is described as a female character, has an attractive appearance. The dominance of black and purple makes Zhavia look mysterious.

At first glance, this Zhavia hero is indeed similar to one of the heroes in Mobile Legends, namely Selena. Both Zhavia and Selena have a pretty sad look, with a monster feel that makes these heroes look tough.

Most likely this Zhavia hero has a role as a Mage/Assassin, just like Selena. If Zhavia appears in Mobile Legends, then this Zhavia hero can dim Selena’s popularity, which is currently widely used.

When will Zhavia Mobile Legends be released?

If Zhavia appears in Mobile Legends, then Zhavia can be one of the overpowered and feared heroes. But unfortunately, this Zhavia hero cannot be released by Moonton. Why isn’t Zhavia’s hero released?

Actually, the existence of this Zhavia hero is also still confusing. Many know about the hero Zhavia through a trailer. The trailer is also not an official trailer from Moonton, but a trailer made by one of the Mobile Legends players.

So it can be ascertained that this Zhavia hero will not be released in Mobile Legends. Even so, in the future Moonton will continue to release cool new heroes. That way you will feel at home playing this one game.

Zhavia Mobile Legends New Hero Trailer

If you want to know what Zhavia looks like, then you can watch the video trailer for Zhavia ML. However, we remind you once again that the Zhavia ML trailer is not an official trailer. So don’t expect too much from this Zhavia ML hero.

Link Trailer New Hero Zhavia Mobile Legends:

From the trailer, we can know that Zhavia’s hero is a hero who is surrounded by darkness. It’s really a shame if Moonton doesn’t release this Mage Assassin Zhavia Mobile Legends hero.

That’s info about Zhavia ML that can be conveyed in a practical way this time. So, hopefully in the future a cool hero will come in the Land of Dawn Mobile Legends!