Beware of Fraud! Don’t just click this link on Facebook, Jakarta – Be careful if you find or receive a photo link on Facebook with the caption “Look what I found” or “Look at this”. It could be, the photo link contains phishing or fraud that can take over your Facebook account.

This type of fraud is usually carried out by Facebook accounts that appear to be people we know or are close friends. It is also possible that the account that shared it is a close relative of ours whose account was taken over due to this phishing.

Reported by IFL Science, this scam spreads from the accounts of people we know who have been compromised. Shared posts seem harmless, they are clickbait which makes us want to see it.

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Entitled “Look what I found” or “Look at this”, this scammer includes a link that doesn’t look suspicious at all and even entices us to access it.

Quoted Telset on Monday (28/3/2022), when they unknowingly click on the link, the user will be redirected back to the Facebook login page. When in fact, it’s not a real Facebook page but a website designed to look like Facebook.

If you fill in your username or email address and password, as a result, hackers can steal your data, take your account, or, worst of all, install malicious malware on your device.

Crimes like this are one of the many scams that have been rife recently on Facebook. Ironically, users often don’t realize they have been victimized.

Not only cute animal photo links with the title “Look what I found” on Facebook, there are many scams on Facebook that “scrub” users’ awareness.

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For example, let’s say someone pretends to be someone you know well and sends you a message asking for financial help. For those of you who are not vigilant, you could be a victim of such a scam.

So, always be careful if the messages you receive or the content you view on social media. Even though it looks reasonable or normal, it could be an attempt by scammers to harm you. (MF)