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Playing games on a PC is a fun option because of the many options, from easy gameplay to requiring strategy. Check out the following reviews about some PC nostalgia games that are quite fun when played.

Virtua Cop

The first game is called Virtua Cop with a shooter theme that can be found on almost all PCs with tubular monitors. Virtua Cop is a fun game and quite challenging for PC games.

The task of the player in this game is a shootout with an enemy who intends to kill you. If the player shoots a criminal for too long without trying to take cover or escape, then the enemy can also attack him.

Feeding Frenzy

The second option is Feeding Frenzy which is a fun game because it doesn’t require a special strategy. The task of this game player is to eat fish that are smaller than the size of the fish they have.

In addition, you should also avoid the bigger fish so they don’t get eaten. If your fish is hit by a sea mine or eaten by a shark, it’s game over. This Feeding Frenzy game is suitable for even adults to play, to unwind after struggling in front of a PC.

Counter Strike 1.6

For lovers of action-based PC games, of course, they are familiar with the Counter Strik 1.6 game. This game has the theme of anti-terror team warfare that must defeat terrorist forces by setting strategies.

Players can choose whether they want to be a terrorist stronghold or an anti-terror team. If you become an anti-terror team, the player’s job is to keep the site from being attacked by terrorists. However, if you choose as a terrorist, then your job is to blow up the site according to the instructions.

House of the Dead

House of the Dead is the next nostalgic PC game with a city storyline that has been attacked by Zombies or the undead. The task of the player in this game is to defeat the Zombies that will appear throughout the city.

The interesting thing about this House of the Dead game is that zombies can appear at any time and often surprise them. In addition, zombie bosses are also very difficult to defeat, even though they have been attacked repeatedly.


This house PC game is a favorite of many people, especially to be played during recess. Zuma is a game that looks simple but is quite fun because your job is to put balls of the same color together.

When playing this game the important thing to do is estimate the right time to throw the ball. If the balls of the same color have been put together, they will disappear and the journey can be longer.


For those who like card games, the Solitaire game on PC is certainly familiar, especially for Windows OS users. In this game, you are tasked with arranging cards that are small to large in piles.

Players can choose the level of difficulty from the lowest to the highest. However, this game is quite mind-blowing and emotionally draining because sorting cards is not an easy task. Often players give up halfway when playing Solitaire.

Bounce Blitz House

Bounce Blitz House is often considered a girls’ game because the missions are very easy. The mission in this game is to change the position of the ball so that it is the same color and in an even position.

This nostalgic PC game also has several challenges that will interfere with players completing missions. One of the challenges in this game is a time bomb that can explode at any time.