Google Introduces Android 12L Operating System For Tablet and Foldable Devices, Here Are Its Features


Gadgetren – After being announced for the first time in Preview form, Google has finally officially introduced the Android 12L operating system which is the successor to Android 12. This operating system can be enjoyed starting at the end of 2022 for tablet and folding devices.

This information was conveyed directly by Google through its official website in an article written by Andrei Popescu as VP of Engineering Android. Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft are reportedly the device manufacturers selected to use the Android 12L operating system.

As reported by The Verge, Lenovo itself has brought the P12 Pro tablet which is already running the beta version of Android 12L. For devices from Microsoft, Google did not mention what series will be equipped with the Android 12L operating system but it is estimated that the device is the Microsoft Surface Duo 2.

Meanwhile, Google says the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G will use Android 12L. It is also possible that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will also be supported by the Android 12L operating system considering that this new operating system is targeting tablet devices.

For tablet devices via Android 12L, Google also brings Kids Space and Entertainment Space which are presented to complement the needs of users in entertainment activities for children and families.

Furthermore, the Android 12L operating system offers a variety of interesting features that are specially designed for users to make better use of the large screen so that the operation becomes easier and simpler.

Mainly to make it easier for users to see and operate the screen with an updated two-column layout to get more information from the main screen display, lock screen, notification shade, device settings screen, settings, and much more.


Previously, users often swiped down to check and delete notifications, now Google has moved the notification icon by adding its own special column.

Thus users have more space to view and delete notifications. Android 12L users will be able to view or delete notifications in the right column while device settings in the left column.

The Android 12L update also provides setting changes to features without having to enter and exit each section. For example, to change the wallpaper on the device, the user only needs to select “Wallpaper & style” from the navigation pane in the left column and select more detailed settings in the right column in just one screen without moving to another page.


To increase user productivity, Google also provides more than one window or task bar feature to help users work multitasking so they can switch between applications in one view without moving to another page.

This allows users to do two jobs at once with split screen mode in one view. Users can also drag and drop or exit applications by touching the screen.

For example, users can simultaneously watch the desired YouTube video while viewing related news and then can remove the YouTube page that is currently being watched. In addition, users can also while doing other searches besides viewing YouTube such as entering the Chrome browser to see the references needed.