How to Root Xiaomi Easily Without a Computer (So There Are No Ads) This Year’s Latest

Hello guys, Back again at Modelsphone.comOn this occasion, we will share information about the easiest way to root Xiaomi phones which we will discuss in the article below.

For Do Root Xiaomi We can do this in two ways, namely using a PC or without a PC or directly from our cellphones.

Root is one way that we can access hidden files on Xiaomi phones and modify their uses and functions to be more useful.

And also in order to maximize the performance and utility of the Xiaomi phones that we have.

Rooting Xiaomi is difficult and easy. However, we can easily successfully root it. As long as we do it step by step correctly.

How to Root Xiaomi Using PC

How to Root Xiaomi

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The first way we can root using a computer with some additional applications.

There are many applications that we can use to root our phones easily. Here we will use Root Genius.

Combat Tools we need to prepare

  • Xiaomi phones have at least 50% battery.
  • Enable USB debugging mode. On one side:
  • Go to settings on your Xiaomi phone, then select ?About phone.?
  • Next, look for the MIUI version option, and click repeatedly until the message You are a developer appears.
  • Then reopen the settings menu, then select More settings. Next we select developer options. Enable developer mode, find and enable USB debugging mode.
  • Also turn on unknown sources mode. There are additional settings.
  • Built-in USB cable or a good USB cable.
  • Internet connection on the computer.

How to Root with Root Genius

  1. Turn off PC Antivirus

First, turn off the antivirus application on our computer. Because your computer usually detects Root Genius as a virus.

Next, download the Root Genius application. Once the download is complete, install and run the application.

Next, connect your Xiaomi phone using a USB cable. Called text will appear if our phone is fully readable.

Next check whether you have agreed to these terms. Then click Root, Wait for the root process to complete.

Disconnect the Xiaomi phone from the computer, then open the android menu and we will find an application called King user.

Download Root Genius here

How to Root Xiaomi with Apps

The second way is to access root without using a computer. The application that we will use here is Kingroot.

Follow the steps below:

  • Install KingRoot: Download and install KingRoot ? If the installation is blocked by the Play Protect app, select Details > Continue installation (unsafe). If it still doesn’t work, go to Play Store > Play Protect > Disable scanner for security threats.?

Download KingRoot here

  • Open KingRoot App ,then click the blue button that says ?try it?. Here kingRoot will check the Android system first. Next, click try to root with kingroot
  • Then wait for the process to finish (make sure your internet connection is stable).
  • Finished: If your Android device is successfully rooted, it will be marked ?Root Success.?

Advantages of Root

There are many advantages after successfully rooting your Android device. Here are some of the benefits:

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  • Transfer data and apps to SD card

In general, standard Android phones cannot transfer data and apps to the SD card. Which makes the internal storage on the phone will be full quickly.

To overcome this, you can use applications such as FolderMount, XinternalSD, APP2SD and others. But with a note, the phone must be rooted.

  • Activate 4G Internet on SIM 2

There are a number of Android phones that don’t carry 4G network on SIM 2 card. If you have rooted this system can launch 4G network option or you can also use custom rom.

After rooting, then you can process the system on Android and can start repairing your xiaomi cellphone.

  • Improve performance by installing disk

By installing Tweak, you can improve Android performance for gaming or improve battery life. Many developers share it either in the form of tweaks or applications.

For example, an application is called GLTOOLS. With this application, you can increase the GPU performance of your Android phone.

Disadvantages of Root

After taking a look at its various features, here are some of the limitations of a rooted Android device:

Phone manufacturers actually forbid this because it has an impact. on intentional damage..

And also the warranty will generally be lost on Android devices owned. So, think again before rooting.

Rooted Android devices are susceptible to viruses. However, many antivirus providers now access Android devices such as Kaspersky, Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, and ESET.

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Those are the 2 ways to Root XIAOMI cellphones that you can do, the above method can be done on all types of xiaomi, hopefully useful,.

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