In order to avoid injury, don’t forget these 3 things when exercising – Exercise is indeed beneficial for the health of the body. However, if done incorrectly, exercise also carries the risk of causing injury and pain in the body, you know.

According to the Sport Medicine Doctor at Royal Sports Performance Center, dr. Sophia Hage, there are three things that people often ignore when doing sports. These three things are considered trivial when in fact also affect the results of the exercise performed.

The first two things that are often overlooked are warming up before you start exercising and cooling down after you finish.

“Usually we don’t have to take it easy, it’s okay. Or when we finish our workout we rush to do something else. These are two things that are often forgotten, but also very important,” said doctor Sophia in a webinar with Woman’s 10K, Tuesday ( 8/3/2022).

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He explained that skipping a warm-up before exercising made the risk of injury higher. After you finish exercising, your body will experience an irregular increase in heart rate. Another bad possibility, so more easily tired and dizzy.

“It’s the same when we finish exercising, we’ll end up with complaints such as aches and pains, and the recovery takes longer,” he said.

Various complaints like that can actually be avoided by warming up and cooling down when starting and also finishing exercising.

Another thing that is often overlooked when exercising is drinking. Doctor Sophia explained that when the body performs higher-than-usual activities, such as exercising, it will lose fluids faster than usual.

“Actually, our bodies are already dehydrated if we do 10-15 minutes of higher activity than daily activities. There is fluid from the body that comes out,” he explained.

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Although you may not feel thirsty, within those ten minutes, your body has lost 2 percent of fluids and is classified as dehydrated.

“So usually, even though we are already dehydrated, we don’t feel thirsty. So don’t wait until you are thirsty, 15-20 minutes to drink approximately 150 to 200 CC or one glass,” he advised.