Jumog Karanganyar Waterfall, Location and Entrance Ticket

Summer is here, it’s nice to play in the water arena. If you are in Karanganyar, you can visit Jumog Waterfall which is not far from Cheto Temple.

Address:Gandu, Berjo, Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java 57793
Opening hours:08.00–16.30 WIB
Retribution:Rp. 5,000/person
Facility:Mosque, Swimming Pool, Gazebo, and Changing Place.
Lodging:Rental fees from 50 thousand – 500 thousand / night
Access Road:Well
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Jumog Falls
Photo by @bangjad_

Jumog Falls

Jumog waterfall is one of the tourist destinations on the slopes of Mount Lawu Karanganyar. Not far from this tourist location, there is also a fairly popular tourist spot, namely Grojokan Sewu. Located on the slopes of the mountains, the atmosphere around the Jumog waterfall is very cool.

Like heaven’s water, the flow of the waterfall is very clear and fresh. Not a few tourists who drink water directly from this nature. The river flow which is still in the location of Curug Jumog is also one of the popular places for visitors to play.

In addition to swimming in river currents and waterfall pools, visitors can also swim in the pool made by the manager. Oh yes, unlike the Grojokan Sewu waterfall which is managed by the government, the Jumog waterfall itself is currently managed by local residents, so that the addition of existing facilities is all the initiative of the residents.

In addition to the swimming pool, there are also stalls that provide snacks. So you don’t have to bother bringing lunch during recreation to Jumog waterfall, just bring more supplies. After all, the price of snacks offered is still within reasonable limits.

Location of Jumog Waterfall, Karanganyar

Still located on the slopes of Mount Lawu, the Jumog Waterfall is located in Gandu, Berjo, Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar Regency. If you need a map, please click on view maps in the summary table above.

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The access road is not too difficult, but you cannot bring a vehicle to the location of the Jumog waterfall. For 2-wheeled vehicles, you need to walk 300 meters to get to the waterfall, and for buses, you have to park 800 meters before the waterfall jumog. On the way, to the waterfall, you can find many sellers, ranging from fruits, to sellers of plant seeds.

Jumog Karanganyar Waterfall Entrance Ticket

No need to worry about the pockets going to be perforated, the entrance ticket to the Jumog waterfall tourist spot is only Rp. 5,000 only, for a 2-wheeled vehicle parking fee is only Rp. 2,000 and for a car Rp. 5,000 only. Because there are toilet facilities around the location, rides for games and others, of course there will be an additional fee.

Jumog Karanganyar Waterfall Photo Gallery

Here are some photos taken from tourists visiting Jumog Waterfall

Check out the YouTube video documentation of Jumog Waterfall

jumog waterfall not as high as at the Grojokan Sewu waterfall, but the water current is quite heavy, so if you swim under the waterfall you have to be careful. Thus this information is shared, I hope it is useful.