Justin Bieber 2022 Justice World Tour Concert Ticket Prices

justin bieber concert ticket price 2022

Justin Bieber is rumored to be soon holding a world tour concert with 20 countries to be visited. This is certainly a breath of fresh air for concert lovers because there have been no offline concerts for a long time due to the pandemic.

Indonesia turns out to be one of the countries that Justin Bieber will visit. How much is the ticket price for this 2022 Justin Bieber concert and what are the terms and conditions for buying tickets? Check out the full explanation below.

When is Justin Bieber’s 2022 concert?

Justin Bieber will hold a World Tour held in 20 countries. The concert titled Justice World Tour will also be held in Indonesia in its series.

Based on the information obtained, Justin Bieber will hold a concert in Indonesia on November 3, 2022. Information regarding Justin Bieber’s concert was reported for the first time by the JDBanalytics twitter account.

Where’s Justin Bieber’s 2022 Concert?

The promoter has announced that the Justin Bieber 2022 concert will be held at the Bung Karno Stadium.

In fact, there has been a seat plan design released by the promoter. You can start planning when you will attend this Justin Bieber concert.

Justin Bieber 2022 Concert Ticket Prices

You should know how much tickets cost a Justin Bieber concert before deciding to go to his concert. The following is a list of ticket prices for Justin Bieber’s concerts:

  • Ghost VIP Package tickets are priced at 8.5 million rupiah
  • Peaches VIP Package tickets are priced at 6.2 million rupiah
  • The Hold On VIP Package ticket is priced at 5.2 million rupiah
  • CAT 1 tickets are priced at 6 million rupiah
  • CAT 2 tickets are priced at 4.4 million rupiah
  • CAT 3 tickets are priced at 3.4 million rupiah
  • CAT 4 tickets are priced at 2.4 million rupiah
  • CAT 5 tickets are priced at 1.5 million rupiah

You can buy the type of ticket according to your wishes.

Justin Bieber 2022 Concert Ticket Sales Terms and Conditions

If you are interested in buying tickets for the Justin Bieber 2022 concert, then there are some terms and conditions regarding tickets that you need to know.

Following are some of them:

  1. The seat plan description may not match the scale or drawing. There may be slight changes according to the concert location.
  2. The seating layout can change according to your needs.
  3. It is possible that the view from the audience seats may be obstructed by delay towers and FOH.
  4. CAT 1, CAT 2 and CAT 4 categories are flat seating areas.
  5. Ticket prices do not include 15% government tax and 5% ticket admin fee.
  6. There is a seat for wheelchair users has been prepared. Please contact the contact person for reservations.

When will Justin Bieber 2022 concert tickets go on sale?

You can start buying tickets for the Justin Bieber 2022 concert on March 29, 2022 at 10:00 WIB. Ticket sales can only be done online, in accordance with the conditions set by the concert promoter.

That’s the explanation of the Justin Bieber 2022 concert which will be held in Jakarta in November. So, are you interested in buying tickets and coming to the concert?