To what extent is Telkom’s Leap Ready to Leap for Indonesia? — Telkom recently launched Leap, umbrella brand for Telkom’s own digital products and services in order to become core engine Indonesian digitization.

Of course, Leap’s vision is no joke, because the level is already a matter of digital transformation. If you see the name, leap means jump or jump. Leap wants to accelerate the digital ecosystem in Indonesia, including startups or startup candidates.

Leap realizes this vision through the development of digital products, including Agree, Antares IoT, BigBox, Logee, MyIndihomeX, MySooltan, PaDi UMKM, and Pijar Mahir. There are still many other digital products, but so far the needs of stakeholders the most answered by these eight products.

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BigBox for example, this startup is a product that is engaged in big data which is expected to be able to answer the government’s vision regarding One Data Indonesia.

Therefore, when discussing with various local governments, the need for this is often conveyed.

Through BigBox, local governments can integrate data from various sources including social media. Thus, local governments will have better insight which is expected to improve services to citizens.

Another example of Leap’s product is PaDi UMKM which is a digital platform that connects SMEs on the one hand as sellers with BUMN as buyers. Through PaDi MSMEs, MSMEs in various regions can become vendors for all SOEs as partners standby buyer.

One of the MSME products in PaDi MSMEs.

now, the need for the digitization of MSMEs is also often conveyed by local governments. Through PaDi UMKM, we hope that the government’s target of 30 million SMEs that go digital will be achieved more quickly.

Communication with stakeholders becomes important because we believe that the digital ecosystem will develop more quickly when we collaborate with various parties that intersect with this. Apart from the government, we also often coordinate with educational institutions.

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To realize Leap’s vision, a huge amount of digital talent is needed. However, currently in Indonesia the number of digital talent is less than the need. Therefore, collaboration with campuses is important in order to accelerate the growth of this digital talent.

We started collaborating with several well-known campuses in Indonesia such as ITS, USU, and so on. The programs carried out include guest lectures, internship programs, and others that are expected to be able to close the distance between the needs of the digital industry and the outputs produced by universities.

We realize that the various visions above certainly need time to be realized. But again, by collaborating with various parties, we feel that this can be accomplished more quickly.

Therefore, for other parties who share our vision above, let’s explore the potential for collaboration that we can do together! For a better Indonesian digital ecosystem!

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