5 It’s Okay, That’s Love Players Become Main Roles in KDrama

It’s Okay, That’s Love is a KDrama that aired in 2014. This drama stars well-known stars, such as Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, DO EXO to Lee Sung Kyung.

In addition to cooperating with two famous South Korean artists as partners, the storyline in the drama also raises the topic of mental health. The storyline is slick and the players are top, making this drama enjoyed by quite a lot of KDrama lovers.

Here you will listen to the drama players It’s Okay, That’s Love who became the main characters in their respective latest dramas. Don’t miss it, okay?

1. Jo In Sung

5 It's Okay, That's Love Players Who Played Roles in the Latest KDramaJo In Sung (instagram.com/iokcompany)

The last time he starred in a drama was in 2017, Jo In Sung will finally return to the small screen through drama Moving. This is a superhero drama about three students who try to hide their special abilities from others and their parents struggle to protect themselves from being used by others.

Jo In Sung himself will take on the role of a character named Kim Doo Shik, someone who has the ability to fly. His character is the husband of Han Hyo Joo’s role named Lee Min Hyun and the father of Kim Bong Seok, played by Lee Jung Ha.

2. Gong Hyo Jin

5 It's Okay, That's Love Players Who Played Roles in the Latest KDramaGong Hyo Jin (instagram.com/management_soop)

Gong Hyo Jin is partnered with the main character in the latest Netflix series entitled Queen of the Scenes. The series will tell the story of a Korean drama writer whose name is well-known in the entertainment industry, for writing extreme stories full of unexpected surprises or what is commonly called makjang.

However, he suddenly enters and is trapped in a story that he created himself. While trying to escape to return to reality, the writer must face a series of comedies. In this drama, Gong Hyo Jin is lined up to take on the role of Kim Ma Ri, a makjang writer.

In addition, Gong Hyo Jin is also in the process of being considered for a drama sci-fi, comedy, romance entitled Ask the Stars with Lee Min Ho.

3. Lee Kwang Soo

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5 It's Okay, That's Love Players Who Played Roles in the Latest KDramaLee Kwang Soo at the script reading for the Korean drama The Killer’s Shopping List. (instagram.com/tvn_drama)

Lee Kwang Soo confirmed to be comeback to drama after 3 years absence through KDrama The Killer’s Shopping List. In the drama, Lee Kwang Soo will play a character named Ahn Dae Sung.

Ahn Dae Sung is told as a character who has an impressive memory, but he failed the exam for public office for 3 consecutive years. While studying to pass the exam, Ahn Dae Sung works part-time at the MS Mart on the outskirts of Seoul which is owned by his mother.

One day, a mysterious murder case occurred in an apartment building located near MS Mart. And the only clue to the murder case is the receipt issued by MS Mart. In the end, Dae Sung, his mother and his girlfriend who is a police officer investigate the murder case.

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5 It's Okay, That's Love Players Who Played Roles in the Latest KDramaDO EXO (instagram.com/weareone.exo)

Doh Kyung Soo or also known by the stage name DO is ready comeback as an actor after completing his mandatory military service in July 2019. DO will be the main character in the law and crime genre drama entitled True Sword Battle.

Actor at once idol This one will play a prosecutor named Jin Jeong. His character is described as a prosecutor who strives to uphold justice, defend the weak and victims to happily destroy all corruption that occurs in the Republic of Korea.

5. Lee Sung Kyung

5 It's Okay, That's Love Players Who Played Roles in the Latest KDramaLee Sung Kyung in KDrama Shooting Star. (instagram.com/tvn_drama)

Lee Sung Kyung is confirmed to be Kim Young Dae’s partner in this KDrama which will air in 2022, Shooting Star. In the romantic comedy drama, Lee Sung Kyung will play the leader of the PR team named Oh Han Byul.

His character is described as someone who has extraordinary speaking skills and great ability to handle crises. With his extraordinary talent for hooking people, he dominates the industry while working in areas such as publicity, crisis response, communications and more.

From Jo In Sung to Lee Sung Kyung, the fact that their roles in each of their new dramas are interesting to anticipate, right? So, look forward to the airing of all of their dramas, OK!

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