How to Return Items on TikTok Shop To Return What Doesn’t Fit

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Gadgetren – TikTok Shop is a feature that allows fast buying and selling transactions directly from the application.

In addition to having affordable prices, users usually buy goods at the TikTok Shop because there are cheap or even free shipping costs to certain areas, especially the Greater Jakarta area (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi).

I myself have bought goods on TikTok and usually get discount vouchers and free shipping when making transactions at a certain price. However, the delivery time also depends on the seller and the density of ordering goods on TikTok, it can be 3 days, 7 days, up to 2 weeks.

However, there are times when you will feel annoyed if you have waited a long time for delivery, even if the item you received is damaged or not as expected. Fortunately, you can return goods or refunds if you are disappointed with your order.

How to Return Items on TikTok

Return thing

  1. Access TikTok app and account login
  2. Open menu Profile the person icon at the bottom right
  3. Select menu Options icon three line at the top right
  4. In the pop-up menu that appears, select Settings and privacy
  5. Next, select the option Orders
  6. On page Order Center, select the view all button in the section Your Orders
  7. Search and select the returned item
  8. Press the button Request Refund
  9. Next, you are shown the seller’s address to return the goods
  10. After that, you can process it and include a receipt for the return of the item

Money refund

  1. If you have sent the goods back, then press the select button Refund Method
  2. Next select Bank Transfer
  3. insert Data (bank account number, bank name, full name, and your email)
  4. Press the button Send
  5. You will be shown the data entered earlier and press the button Confirm
  6. On the next page, press the button Confirm for Withdraw
  7. Wait a few days for the goods to arrive at the seller
  8. The money will be sent to your account when the process is complete

It should be noted that TikTok will not cover courier services for returns so you will have to pay for the delivery of the item yourself so that it can reach the buyer. Based on information circulating on the internet, some users feel that returning goods on TikTok takes days to days.

Meanwhile, if you want to become a seller on TikTok, you must meet several requirements such as having 3,000 followers, having 50 videos in the last 28 days, being 18 years old, and uploading at least 1 video in the last 28 days.

Usually TikTok will also provide various vouchers to buyers to be interested in buying at the TikTok Shop. Furthermore, you can promote goods to sell by Live, post videos, and affiliate with other users.

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