Signs of Sexually Transmitted Infections Not Only in the Genital Area, Also Recognize Other Symptoms! – Sexually transmitted infections can cause signs in other areas of the body, not just sores or burning sensations around the intimate organs.

The founder and director of the UK’s Clarewell Clinic, Manoj Malu, explained that there were some other symptoms of STIs that were not expected before.

“When someone thinks of STIs, they generally think of genital symptoms. It’s important to realize that most STIs are quite capable of causing symptoms away from the genital area,” explains Malu. The Sun.

Here are some other signs of an STI that many people are not aware of:

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1. Lumps around the anus

Many patients mistake lumps around the anus for hemorrhoids and so are not treated properly.

Illustration of a sexually transmitted infection (STI)

2. Meta red

Usually pink eye is mistaken for another condition, but chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause this condition.

“Syphilis can also cause red eyes along with some floaters and visual disturbances. A person may have experienced some easily overlooked symptoms as well, such as a subtle skin rash, slight fever and tiredness.”

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According to Malu, syphilis infection that affects the eyes is a serious problem that cannot be taken lightly.

3. Hair loss

“Second stage syphilis, which can occur anywhere from a few months to two years after first getting it can lead to hair loss,” continues Malu.

This hair loss does not only occur on the scalp, but also on the eyebrows, eyelashes, armpits, legs, to the trunk.

4. Joint pain

“Some patients experience painful swelling in the large joints (elbows, wrists, knees, and feet) due to chlamydial infection,” says Malu.

According to him, this happens because the lining of the joints has some antigens that are very similar to those found in bacteria.

A very serious complaint is a septic infection of the joints caused by gonorrhea, when the joints become very red, hot and swollen. This condition requires emergency treatment.