Officially Released, Here’s How to Join the Youtap Business Partner Program – Youtap Indonesia launched the YouTap Business Partner program, which aims to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

Through a virtual press conference on Wednesday (9/3/2022), Youtap Indonesia CEO Herman Suharto explained that during 2 years of operation in the country, Youtap services have been used by 300 thousand merchants spread over 520 cities/regencies in Indonesia.

“During Youtap’s 2-year journey, we have actively listened to various aspirations and partnered with hundreds of thousands of MSME business actors as well as corporations, as well as financial institutions,” said Herman.

However, this achievement did not make Youtap satisfied. In early 2022, Youtap presented the Youtap Business Partner program with various features in it.

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“We are proactively creating quick and easy solutions for those who dream of opening a business, with an all-in-one solution in the Youtap Business Partner program,” said Herman.

By joining the program, users will get a business application account, business tablet service and Youtap business portal for free. Not only that, there are 3 other excellent features that are provided to help start a business.

First, there is the Stock Shopping feature which allows users to shop for stock from major suppliers such as JAPFA Best Meat and Sosro.

This is possible because Youtap has collaborated with JAPFA Best Meat and Sosro so that business actors can save up to 70% when shopping for stock items.

In addition, Youtap also provides a Marketing Service feature, which helps business actors related to marketing, such as providing education about marketing strategies so that they can market their products well.

The third is a non-cash payment service through the QR Code feature so that they can accept cashless payments using either a digital wallet application or a mobile banking application.

“All innovations in Youtap Business Partners are always created to provide comprehensive services, including to maintain business performance and support customer satisfaction,” said Herman.

How to Join the Youtap Business Partner Program

Youtap Indonesia makes it easy to register for the Youtap Business Partner program, and here’s how to join the program.

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  • Open the via a smartphone or laptop.
  • Enter your phone number to send the OTP code.

YouTap Business Partner

  • Fill in the required personal data such as name, store name, email, type of business and click Continue.

Youtap Business Partner

  • Enter the OTP code in the field provided.
  • Create a PIN for your Youtap Account, then click I understand and click Continue.

How to Join YouTap Business Partner Program

  • You finally managed to have an account and join this program.
  • Then open the Youtap application and log in using the account you just created.
  • Access various excellent features such as Stock Shopping, QR Code and several other features on Youtap to help your business grow.

This is information about the Youtap Business Partner program and how to join the program. For those who are interested, please register and enjoy various conveniences in the Youtap application. Good luck!