Prices for Wuling Almaz, Cortez, Form After PPnBM Discount – Wuling Indonesia has published the latest prices for several models after receiving a discount on the Government-borne Luxury Goods Sales Tax or PPnBM DTP.

Similar to other automotive manufacturers, Wuling has increased the price of its products in early 2022, but then Wuling provides the latest prices as long as there is a PPnBM DTP discount program.

Almaz RS, flagship The Wuling SUV which features the Wuling Interconnected Smart Ecosystem (WISE), which combines the Internet of Vehicle (IoV) and Advanced Driving Assistant System (ADAS), gets prices starting from Rp. 361.100.000.

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The regular type Almaz also gets a discount with a selling price starting at Rp.265.500.000. This SUV gets a 1.5 turbo engine with a choice of CVT and manual transmissions (specifically for the Smart Enjoy variant).

Then, the Cortez CT medium MPV, which is also equipped with a 1.5 turbo engine, gets a PPnBM DT discount with prices starting at Rp. 217.5 million.

Furthermore, the LMPV New Confero S segment, which uses a 1.5L engine, also gets a discount starting from Rp. 175,700,000. Then there is the Formo S which is sold starting at Rp. 140,800,000.

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The following is the price of a Wuling car after getting a discount based on on the road Jakarta:


Almaz RS – Rp. 361.100.000 – Rp.391.200.000

Almaz – Rp.265.500.000 – Rp.341.800.000


Cortez CT – IDR 217,500,000 – IDR 290,650,000


Confero S – Rp175,700 – Rp197,300,000

Confero – Rp. 159.300.000


Form S Rp 140,800,000 – Rp146.600.000

Form Rp 146.200.000

Wuling stated that the price was a 100 percent PPnBM subsidy for
Vehicle Identification Number or VIN 2021. Then a 50 percent PPnBM subsidy applies to VIN 2022.

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