Samsung Confirms Galaxy Note Officially Retired – With the arrival of the newly released Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung has actually given a ‘hard code’ that they have eliminated the Galaxy Note that many loyal fans covet.

However, until now, the company has not directly provided clarity so people still hope that Samsung will launch it at a later date.

At the MWC 2022 event, Samsung dashed those hopes by confirming that there would be no more Galaxy Notes in the future.

However, don’t worry because all the Ultra variants that will be released by Samsung will carry the legacy of the Galaxy Note series.

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This was said directly by the division head smartphone Samsung, Roh Tae Moon who said that there will be no more smartphone the Galaxy Note brand, and replace it with a future Galaxy S Ultra model.

“Galaxy Note will come out as Ultra every year in the future,” Tae Moon said at the MWC 2022 event, quoted from Notebook Check, Wednesday (02/03/2022).

With this, it is clear that Samsung will no longer present a smartphone with the Galaxy Note name but will continue with the S Ultra variant in the future, such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the successor to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in many ways, including the design and also the S Pen that is presented. Neither of them have headphone jack 3.5mm and a microSD slot for external storage expansion, just like the previous Galaxy Note.

In addition, some say that the larger Galaxy Z series also replaces the presence of the Galaxy Note. If the rumors are true, the next Galaxy Z Fold will get an S Pen too, just like the S22 Ultra.

Samsung will reportedly release a series of foldable smartphones following the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Fold3 later this year under the names Galaxy Z Flip4 and Fold4.

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