These are 6 Tips for Making TikTok Videos Enter FYP with Galaxy S22 5G and S22+ 5G

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G

Research results from DataReportal show that in 2021 TikTok became the social media with the largest increase in access time in Indonesia, reaching 67%. It goes far beyond other social networks. In addition, TikTok is also the most popular search keyword on YouTube in Indonesia.

This shows that Internet users in Indonesia are now increasingly liking the content on TikTok. This phenomenon makes more and more people flock to create videos on TikTok and compete to enter the For You Page (FYP).

To be more competitive on TikTok, you need to create interesting and quality content. Using the recently released Samsung Galaxy S22 5G and S22+ 5G with a pro-grade camera will be able to support your creativity in creating video content on TikTok.

With a 50MP main camera and a 10MP selfie camera, you can use the Galaxy S22 5G and S22+ 5G to produce high-resolution videos quickly. In addition, the camera is equipped with Super Clear Glass and Adaptive Pixel technology so that video recording becomes clearer and more detailed without being affected by the intensity of the surrounding light.

With the Galaxy S22 5G and S22+ 5G, you can maximize your creativity to create epic video content combined with the following tips to enter FYP TikTok.

Follow the trends and challenges you like

On TikTok there are often interesting trends or challenges created by its users that go viral. You can follow the trend or challenge and create your own version and then upload it to your TikTok account.

Riding on an ongoing trend or challenge will allow you to increase your video viewers and followers on TikTok. To help you be creative in making trending videos or challenges on TikTok, there are several video features on the Galaxy S22 5G and S22+ 5G that you can use.

The first feature is the Super Steady System which makes video recording smoother and less vibrational. With this you can record videos while walking or running steadily. This feature is suitable for use when creating content for reviews of contemporary places or cafes that must be visited.

In addition, there is an Auto Framing feature that can detect up to 10 people in one frame with faster focus. If for example you follow the trend of dancing to the Fortune Cookie song which has recently gone viral, with this feature you and your friends in the video will be the center of focus in the video.

There is also a Vlogger View feature that allows you to record with the rear lens and front lens at the same time. This feature is suitable for use when making ASMR cooking videos or following the trend of “What I Eat in a Day” and “Get Ready with Me” videos.

Galaxy S22 5G - Super Steady and Vlogger View Features

Use music that people are using

To make your videos more fun, choose audio or music that is on the rise or is used by many people. But it should be noted, the music must also match the video content that you create.

To help you choose the right music, the Galaxy S22 5G and S22+ 5G provide Dolby Atmos features that can produce high-quality audio. This feature needs to be activated first by going to Settings > “Sound quality and effects” > activating Dolby Atmos. After that Dolby Atmos will activate automatically when you listen to music.

Create interactions with other people

Galaxy S22 5G - Building Interaction on TikTok

One of the tricks you can use to get your videos into the TikTok FYP is to interact with other TikTok users. The trick is to leave positive comments on other people’s videos on TikTok that you like.

It is possible that other people will see the comments you made and then visit your TikTok page. That way these people will watch your video and the number of viewers of your video will increase, increasing the likelihood that your video will enter FYP.

To make it more comfortable for you to interact with other users, the screens on the Galaxy S22 5G and S22+ 5G are equipped with 2X Dynamic AMOLED technology that can produce sharp and bold colors. In addition, the screen can display animations smoothly thanks to the Adaptive Refresh Rate up to 120Hz and is bright when used indoors or outdoors.

Upload your TikTok videos at peak hours

In order for your videos to enter FYP on TikTok, you need to upload them during peak hours which can be different every day. For example, you can choose the upload time at an hour when people are taking a break from the routine of work or study which can be during the day or night.

With a 3,700mAh battery on the Galaxy S22 and 4,500mAh on the S22+ 5G, you’ll be able to use this smartphone all day so you’re free to make videos anywhere and anytime. This is also due to the use of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset with 4nm fabrication which saves battery power.

When the smartphone battery is low, you don’t have to wait long to be able to make videos again thanks to the 25W Super Fast Charging feature on the Galaxy S22 5G and 45W on the S22+ 5G.

Making videos at night will also be brighter and clearer using the Galaxy S22 5G and S22+ 5G with the Nightography feature. This feature will allow you to make better night videos which are suitable for making videos such as the popular ring light challenge or walking around the city accompanied by colorful lights.

In addition, there is a Portrait Video feature that can produce a bokeh effect with various effects such as big circles, color points, to glitches. That way you can make TikTok videos that look different and are suitable for videos like morning routines or “A Day in My Life” with a cinematic bokeh effect.

Galaxy S22 5G - Portrait Video

Use trending hashtags that match your video

You can add hashtags that are on the rise or are used by many people so that your videos can enter FYP. But of course you can’t just add hashtags, choose a hashtag that matches your TikTok video content.

Hashtags on TikTok videos also serve to help other users find your videos. Some content creators on TikTok even use the hashtags #foryou, #FYP, or #foryoupage which they believe can increase the popularity of their videos.

Find #MyNewRules to create FYP content with the Galaxy S22 Series 5G at the Consumer Launch event

Now you can immediately get the Galaxy S22 Series 5G at online and retail stores to help you create interesting and quality videos. The Galaxy S22 5G and S22+ 5G are both available in four color variants, namely Phantom White, Phantom Black, Green, and Pink Gold.

The Galaxy S22 5G is sold at a starting price of Rp. 11,999,000 and the Galaxy S22+ 5G with a starting price of Rp. 14,999,000. You can also get various interesting promos at the Consumer Launch event which starts on March 4 with a profit of up to IDR 3,600,000. Here are the offer details:

  • Bank partner cashback up to Rp.2,500,000
  • 75% discount for 1 year of Samsung Care+ protection
  • Data plan with partner operators up to 105GB for 1 year
  • 0% installment up to 24 months

You can find this Consumer Launch event at the following points:

  • Botany, Jakarta 16 – 20 March
  • Bandung Electronic City, Bandung 23 – 27 March
  • Pakuwon Mall, Surabaya 23 – 27 March

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