How to Change the Indihome Router Password for ZTE, Huawei, Alcatel, TP-Link, Newest This Year

How to Change Indihome Password [ZTE, Alcatel, TP-Link, Huawei] – In modern times and with increasingly advanced technology, we must keep up with these developments if it feels good and has positive goals and outcomes.

On this occasion we will discuss how to change or change the password and name of the indihome fiber wifi.

Of course this is meant so that your indihome wifi is not hacked or used by anyone, especially considering that indihome wifi is paid for and they use it without your permission and don’t pay anyway.

Function of Changing Password on Wifi

How to Change Indihome Password

Therefore you have to protect and secure your wifi so that only you use it.

It’s not without reason or without reason to protect your internet access at home with indihome fiber optic wifi, the reasons for your wifi always fast and stable as follows..

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1. Speed ​​Decrease

If used together, internet speed tends to drop, especially if you download together, so you get less than the maximum speed.

Indihome wifi is like a tower if you use multiple sim cards the internet speed will drop (usually during the day) and will often over/overload.

Of course it’s not good if you as a user get undue speed, so you should protect it with a secure and hard-to-guess password to avoid unwanted things.

2. To make it easier

Try if you want to connect wifi on the computer and laptop also have to use a cable to access the panel.

The reason is that when you open your PC, you get directly into the internet without needing to login first and you can set your WiFi password because you are using the cable from the WiFi device.

From the two reasons above, you have to change and change the wifi password which is managed by indihome fiber (speedy) from PT Telkom Indonesia.

Before the discussion begins, the admin tells a little about Indihome Fiber Optic. Indihome has a Triple Play service that really understands your needs.

What is meant by triple play is that the indihome service has super fast and stable internet features, Cable TV from Usee TV (Set top box) and also landlines.

Of the three features that Indihome has, it is very easy and affordable and if we calculate it, the calculation of the three features that we can say is very cheap.

If you subscribe to cable TV with a clear dish, it is cheap indihome cable TV, as if you subscribe to satellite dishes.

You can only watch TV and it’s around 90k to 100k. And we also said it was easy. In this case, Indihome is more concerned with customer service and convenience.

Because indihome understands people better and this is evidenced by indihome installing 2 poles at the same time to enter the hallway of the house.

It can be said that Indihome’s coverage is very good and promising if you subscribe to Indihome in the village and happen to subscribe to Jagabay Village, Bandar Lampung.

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How to Change Indihome Alcatel Password

In this discussion we will do it easily and successfully, we simply refer to the article How to Change Indihome Fiber Wifi Password and Name.

Not only Indihome, this method also includes how to use speedy, because speedy also includes internet packages on telkom.

  1. Enable Wifi indihome friend.
  2. If you are already connected, then Login to the admin panel. The image display will appear if you have connected to the internet and entered ip in your browser, so you don’t get confused just go to the link we direct, like following.
  3. The next step is to enter username and password you with the word admin (all lowercase) then click Login.
  4. If it is already open, click on the menu Netword and then go to wifi menu
  5. After the wifi menu opens then you edit. Part SSID name which aims to give your wifi a name and edit it according to your taste, and to change passwordjust fill in the Key field WPA and change as desired. If it is filled according to your wishes.
  6. The last step is to click save.

We recommend using a password that must use numeric and letter characters to make it more secure and also difficult for prison guards to guess.

Then log out and check and log in using a phone that supports wifi feature, if you can successfully login with a previously edited password your wifi sign has been changed.

How to Change ZTE Indihome Wifi Password

For the second way you can use. For indihome users who use ZTE modem, you can try the following tutorial on how to change zte indihoem wifi password.

  • First step to zte modem / and modem.
  • Then open in the browser.
  • Then you can enter the admin panel, following the username and password by default.

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Thus our article on How to Change Indihome Password [ZTE, Alcatel, TP-Link, Huawei]hopefully it can help you in changing your indihome password.

Thank you for reading and see you again in our next article.